Saturday 18 April 2015

What's been happening on the plot.......the pictures!!!

As are the pictures to go with yesterdays post....

greenhouse glass broken
Walking on, walking on......

broken glass, greenhouse, allotment
Broken Glass!!

greenhouse gravel, pots, allotment
I removed the broken pots and emptied them out
then re-arranged the pots that are okay and now
everything is looking quite smart again!!
terracotta from the broken pots
This is the terracotta from the broken pots...
there were quite a few!!

greenhouse is now all spick and span
The greenhouse is now all spick and span
and ready to have it's seeds planted!

And finally I leave you with a couple of pictures of produce yet to be's so nice to have a few pickings right after the winter.....hopefully won't be too long before plenty more is growing!!

That's it for to walk Trojan in the beautiful sunshine and then up the allotment to get some hard work done.....well try to at least!!


  1. Saturday 18th April 2015

    Dear Tanya,

    Oh my! What a lot of work to do before getting started. Thanks for visiting my POTATO-post. 'Janssons frestelse' means 'Jansson's Temptation' if that helps you in your search.

    Otherwise, my recipe is here. And here is a recipe from Wikipedia here.

    I'm working on the bee-jewellery. I'll be back with you soon.

    Kind regards,

    1. The thing about allotments Anna...there is always a lot of work to do..I love it though!!

      Can't wait to see the bee jewelry!!

  2. Hello again, Tanya,

    Please follow my recipe as far as seasoning is concerned. Do NOT sprinkle peppar and salt over each layer as the Wikipedia receipe recommends.
    If you have trouble finding the right anchovies, I will send you a couple of tins. Let me know when you want to try this recipe, as they are date-marked food-items and are not edible forever.

    Best wishes & hugs,

    My recipe for Janssons frestelse.

    1. Thanks for this...once I have looked into it more closley I will see whether I want to give it a try!!

  3. Now I have to go back in time to find out what caused the destruction.

  4. I thought a greenhouse was a workspace not somewhere to sit and relax! :)

    1. The seat is there purely for desperate times Sue...honest!! hehe

  5. that's a lot of broken terracotta. It's all looking good there

    1. It certainly was a lot of pots Ann but everywhere is looking tidier now the broken ones have been removed.


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