Tuesday 26 May 2015

It's a Celebration!!!

So during last week I had a birthday.....

Birthday candles
I had a lovely birthday cake which my sister put just
the right amount of candles on!!
 Did you manage to count them??

Fresh cream lemon sponge birthday cake.
Fresh cream lemon sponge.
Made by my brother-in-law.
 My Brother-in-law made my cake and it was delicious, I really don't know how he gets his sponge so light and delicious!!

Want to see my cards??

Birthday Cards
My Birthday Cards.
Now can you guess how old I was?? Just lick on the photo to enlarge it! I'm told by the children that is was a 'big' one...honestly I don't feel any different at all!!

I did get some lovely gifts though, not much for the garden or allotment this year which is a change for me. The Hubby got me a wonderful body warmer which even though it's nearly June has already seen a lot of wear and he also got me.....

Pandora ring
A Pandora ring.
I'm not much of one for names but I know it's a Pandora ring because the box told me!!! I do love ti though and amazingly it fits!!

I did get a lovely Orchid...

Orchid Flowers.
From Eva (next door) Benjamin and Suny. I don't tend to have house plants as I'm not very good at keeping them alive and had to do a little research to find out what I should do with it. Anyway I have decided to keep it in the bathroom with my bonsai tree and aloe plant...hopefully it will get plenty of moisture there, plus I do go to the bathroom several times a day and the tap is handy for me to remember to water it.

I do like having them on the bathroom windowsill...it really adds a lovely atmosphere to the bathroom!!

Besides the above I also got a kindle fire which is wonderful. I have the very first kindle which was made but this one is a lot easier to navigate and with it being in colour will be great for me to get some more research books on for gardening and the bees at a fraction of the price too!!

I got some other lovely gifts too including a necklace, books, boodles yarn, writing set, outdoor lantern, gardening gloves, wind chime, cardigan, DS game, a small rucksack and a lovely bag that my sister knitted me. Not bad for an oldie!!

I had a lovely relaxing day not doing much of anything and then when the children at work found out it was my birthday all sang to me :-)

Oh...how did they find out it was my birthday at work?? My sister put it on the radio and they heard, unfortunately I didn't hear it as she rang me to wish me happy birthday and we were busy chatting on the phone whilst the announcement was made...lol


  1. Happy belated birthday. You're still way younger than me. I've got 13 years on you :) Looks like you had a nice day. I have a Pandora bracelet. I didn't know they had rings too

    1. Thank you Ann...My philosophy is you are as young as you feel...some mornings that's not so young any more though!!

  2. I recently had a birthday too but would have needed a bigger cake for my candles.

    The photo didn't taste aty all nice when I licked it :)

    1. Happy belated birthday to you Sue. Sorry my cake didn't taste as good s you expected!! lol

  3. Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you were thoroughly spoilt, as you should be on your 'biggie'. I love your Pandora ring, that's really pretty. The only house plants I have are orchids, they're so easy to look after.

    1. Thanks Jo, I guess i was quite spoilt!!

      Good to know orchids are easy to look after. :-)

  4. Belated happy birthday! From your account it sounds as if you had a good one with lots of different kinds of presents. Nice that the children sang 'Happy Birthday'.

    1. Thanks Linda...I had a really enjoyable day. xx


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