Sunday 28 June 2015

Summer Solstice Summary 2015.... this title would have been better if I had posted actually on the solstice like I intended but things got in the way and I didn't get to the computer but it was too good of a title not to use so there it is!!

So it's been like four weeks since I last posted...and it's not like I mean to leave it this long but things happen and keep happening and life is going to be busier in the unforeseeable future so I hope you will just bare with me, understand that there are good reasons for my absences and don't totally abandon me...on the plus side...this weeks efforts down the allotment do look amazing...but that's probably because it was so bad.....I even got a weedy plot letter...not to worry though..there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am half way there so hopefully by the time the next plot inspection comes round I will have got enough work done to stay away from the reprimands!!

Shona came and stayed for ten days
and gave us much amusement with
her unusual sleeping positions!!
Well it has been glorious weather this last week which has given plenty of time for gardening and allotment as and when I have had the chance...My garden has been having a bit of a make-over this week and I have also been helping my Dad with his so things are starting to look nice. In true Tanya style I forgot to take some before pictures but I will take you some finished pictures very soon.

Right now it's raining outside so I guess I won't get any plot work done this morning but never mind...the break will be nice...I suppose there is nothing stopping me shoveling the tonne bag of topsoil off the front lawn to its new home though but we will see.

The bees are doing well and luckily haven't swarmed and I am hoping that it stays that way, yesterday whilst n the allotment two swarms came settled in a tree a couple of plots over and I helped Annabel catch it so now her be hives have doubled in's that there is a bit more that that to it!!

The blue tits from next door
flew the nest and rested on
our fence!
I am the proud owner of a colony of bumble bees which I removed in a bird box from somebodies garden, it's quite common for bumble bees to nest in old bird boxes and they only stay for the summer and then the colony dies off and the queen goes into hibernation but not everyone wants them around. as beekeepers we are within our rights to charge to remove bumble bees but I don't like too if I can get away with it. Did you know that bumble bees are more likely to give you a nasty bite than sting you??

Okay...what else is there??? Oh well I did initially intend on sowing some unique seeds this year...the purchases were made and everything but with all that is happened they are still sat in the packets so maybe next year...I haven't even got any salad veg in yet....just as well it is quick growing!!

Strawberries are ready though so at least I am getting something off the allotment and I think my potatoes are ready to be dug and also the currents are ripening nicely....I am keeping a positive and open mind this year in everything....keeps me going and keeps me smiling!!

I am thinking I am now going to have a little more time as my Mum and Dad's garden is about sorted so there will be a little less for me to do there...who knows maybe I can even con my Dad into coming and giving me a hand down the plot for an hour or so!!

I think I have now got the waffle state ad to be honest I really need the toilet so I think I will call it a finished post now. Sorry for the randomness of the photos but I wanted to break the text up a bit and thought you might like them!!