Thursday 29 October 2015

Not my intention......

To be so long before I posted again, but to be honest it's not like I've had much to write...this week however is a different matter. Half term has meant some time off for me and I have used it wisely (in between the horrific downpours we've had) and got some serious work done on the allotment.

Need a reminder of the neglected field that was once my allotment??

the unkempt legume bed
This is a very unkempt Legume bed.
Due to circumstances this year I didn't
even get it harvested, Oh and say 'Hi' to
Juliette in the background who by trying to
move out of the shot actually put herself in
the centre of it!! lol.

strawberry bed ready to be moved
The strawberry bed is a complete mess and also needs
re-locating, I'm not sure if it is too late now this year.
Advice on the timing would be welcome.

weeds, but the new potatoes are out!!
Here is the first part I tackled, all the new
potatoes are out of the ground and they
were a truly bumper crop this year. In their
place i have the garlic and onions to be planted.

So as you can see I have made a bit of a start here...the potatoes came out the weeknd before last and then the ground was dug over and weeded in preparation for the roots on Sunday. However that's not all I have done this week....what I now have is beginning to really resemble my allotment again and is making me feel a lot better about the weather changing so quickly.

old potatoes 0- roots 1!!
So you can see to the back here that I have weeded and
winter dug the roots bed where the veggies have
been harvested. I will be putting some broad beans
in here and pulling the beetroot soon too,
freshly dug and weeded earth.
Here is the same piece of land as in the first
photo but from a different angle. As you can
see all the weeds have been pulled and it has
been dug over ready for winter. Hard work all
round but very satisfying!!
It's not quite all plain sailing yet however...there is still this...

brassica bed and sweetcorn
The brassica bed still needs a tidy up
and I need to get the sweetcorn pulled up!

And then of course there are still the old potatoes to be dug and the strawberries I mentioned earlier to be sorted. Oh and the raspberry canes need cutting back, the pond area sorting out...and...and...and.
Okay I'm stopping there before I burst the bubble I am in about how much I have got done this week. I think I have tackled the hardest areas first though so hopefully (fingers crossed) everything from here on out will be childs play!!


  1. It doesn't take long for everything to run away from you, does it? You've done some great work this week though, you'll soon have it all under control again.

    1. I don't know about having it under control 'soon' Jo...I think thats a little

  2. That all sounds like a lot of hard work. How is your back holding up to all that digging?

    1. Back seriously aching tpals......took a few days off the heavy stuff to recover..

  3. lots of work, I'm exhausted just reading it all :)

  4. It's been a bit soggy for working on the plot here. You have done quite a lot to yours, was the digging really heavy? As for the strawberries unless you can dig up the plants and put them in pots and keep them somewhere I wouldn't start moving the plants into a new bed until early spring.

    1. The digging was pretty heavy Sue but with having got so little done I really couldn't face leaving it until next year. Thanks for the strawberry advice...I think I will leave them until early spring least that gives me a little more breathing space.


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