Tuesday 24 November 2015

Bee Pond Hair Cut.

The first of November came a few weeks ago now and we were blessed with a glorious day for it. It started out with incredibly thick fog that soon cleared to leave us with gorgeous sies and a lovely warmth from the sun. Such a glorious day wasn't to be wasted and yet it was a Sunday and deserved to be enjoying and relaxing. So what dd I do?? I spent some time playing with a rake and a leaf collector  and then I went down to the allotment and sat giving the pond a gentle and relaxing haircut!!

Bee pond long over due for  a haircut!!
Bee pond long over due for
a haircut!!
 So with a pair of scissors and a knee pad in hand I sat and soaked up the sun whilst trimming here and there with a pair of scissors for an hour or so. The weather was so balmy I didn't even need a coat. How weird is that for November!!

See how lovely it looks? This will be the
last cut this year!!
So that was how I spent my day on the 1st of November...truly glorious!!

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  1. Sunshine - haven't seen that for a while over in Yorkshire! You have to enjoy it when it happens and you did a good job on the area around the pond.


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