Friday 13 November 2015

Check, Check, Check!!!!

Well yet again it wasn't my intention to be this long in posting...that seems to be my standard mantra of late but I promise you I am working on getting timings down better so that I will get more posts up in a timely never may happen!!!

Anyway after the immense amount of work I showed you I had accomplished n my last post I did keep going but took things a little steadier as boy did I ache come Friday...seriously the closest I can describe my aches to was the one time I had the flu...not pleasant at all...luckily with a days T.L.C. I was mostly recovered and I could do some tasks that needed completed down the plot that were a little less back breaking and more akin to 'fun' maybe not the right word for it but certainly more enjoyable.

I still haven't got the main crop potatoes out of the ground but I am hoping to get it done at some point this year....however the thought of it with all the rain we've had of late really hurts my back...we will see how things progress I guess.

I was asked in an earlier comment what my summer weather had been like...well I guess as usual it was a bit up and down....we had plenty of this...

Sunny days.

But on the down side we also had plenty of this.....

Rain, rain,rain!!!
That was pretty much our summer. A wonderful heatwave giving lovely warmth and good starts to the crops late may and June but then lots of cooler weather for late June and July. Now it wasn't cold as such...but it wasn't warm either. Perfect breeding weather for all the weeds of course and not great for the potatoes. The earlies didn't suffer the main crop didn't get much size too them. The weather did lead to wonderful fruit crops though. The roots all stayed rather small!!

The other down side to this weather was for the bees. Because of the wet they couldn't get out for quite a while which led them to eat a lot of stores...which of course meant less honey harvest which isn't so much of an issue as I can deal with that. the main problem as for the swarms that didn't have the time to build their stores up before the bad weather came and so there was quite a large number of colony starvations this year. Luckily for me all my colonies were strong and well fed so I didn't suffer any losses but i know that many people did.

So that's the summer in a nutshell. Will be back later with a few pics showing you of the progress over the last couple of weeks and what things are like as the seriously cold weather (or so we're led to believe) approaches!!


  1. Strangely I would describe our summer arse dry, dry, dry, and cool, cool, cool .

    1. I would have loved a little more dry and a little less flood!!!!

  2. I grow my potatoes in containers and they did really well this year. I'm quite surprised by how some crops have performed this year with little sun about.

    1. We had sun in abundance for quite a while Jo...but then the rains set in!! :-(


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