Monday 23 November 2015

Out on a Saturday Night!

It's not very often we go out ...and certainly hardly ever go to a black tie event so I thought I would share with you the fact that I can, on occasion, look like a real girl!!

So last Saturday saw the Hubby and me getting all dolled up for a charity event. It was at the Rugby club to raise funds to take the under 13's on the 'Dublin Tour', or something along those lines!!
It was a black tie affair and we decided to go as my friends son is one of those who will be going on the tour. It was a nice evening with nice company and a nice meal. There was an auction of things donated by people. Some were things such as signed Rugby shirts and original glasses to as extravagant as a weeks vacation in a Spanish Villa. 

Smile for the camera!
I know the photo is a little blurry but at least we are smiling!!

 I did my bit for the event by offering to auction off a bee taster morning for up to five people. I'm not sure as of yet if anyone took up the offer as we left before the auction finalised but I am hoping if nothing else that Grantham Beekeepers got a little bit of publicity as I did a bit of a 'Visual board' and took some of the course posters along too.

I don't know how much was raised for the tour but I am hoping that people were generous and that the evening raised plenty for the tour.


  1. Do you mean that you don't dress like that in the plot?

  2. You both look great & it sounds like you had a good night x

  3. A lovely photo of you two and it sounds like you had a lovely evening and raised money for a good cause. Hope the under 13s have a great tour when it happens.


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