Wednesday 20 January 2016

January on the allotment.....2016

Hi I didn't get back quite as quick as I anticipated but I have been having some thoughts on how I can keep the blog going at busy times and then through the winter too. I figured one good way was to take some photos on the first of each month and then just do a little, 'What's going on' post.

This will always give me at least one post a month and I thought was a great idea. Now I did actually go and do an 'Oxalic Acid' treatment on the bess on the 1st January so I thought it was perfect as I had some photos....until I realised I had already put the oxalic acid post on the bee blog and deleted the photos....Okay so that left me with nothing.

Not to worry though as I popped down the the plot with the camera to grab a few snapshots and to be honest I was quite surprised with how good it was all looking!!

Never did get the old potatoes out the ground,
I wonder what is lurking beneath??

The garlic looks to be doing great,
I just hope the bulbs have split will
in the mild winter.

The broad beans look great on 3/4 of the row,
I can't remember if I ran out of seed before
the end or not?!?!

I think there are still a few roots left in
here but either side where I got the
ground worked is looking great!

I took these photos back on 11th Jan
it was a beautifully sunny day!

The calabrese has started to flower,
This is my first success with this brassica

The savoy cabbages have some
good sized heads on them.

Definitely a brassica.....possibly P.S.B.
I guess only time will tell!

The chard has fared well over the winter,
I may even get to harvest some this year!
So I may have got a little carried away taking photos...who'd have thought there was so much to take photos of in January. Obviously I am now going to take photos on the first of each month....not only will this guarantee me a post each month it will be nice from year to year to see how things differ with weather, produce and production.

I have also decided to get back into taking photos and after today i will do a wordless Wednesday post. To be honest i could have done one is such a beautiful day outside and I had a lovely walk with Tro and Suny but I will share those photos with you in a couple of days...wouldn't want to bore you totally and not have you come back at all.

So that's about all for now...oh unless you are curious about the Oxalic Acid treatment I gave the bees. Sounds a little toxic I know but it is a substance found naturally in plants which is lethal to the varroa mite that like to infest beehives and latch onto the brood causing all sorts of problems...if you are interested and want to see some pics then just go here to check it out.


  1. It's hard to blog at times as real life always gets in the way. I'm glad to see you have plenty going on at the plot x

    1. To be honest I was quite surprised Jo...really looking forward to the coming seasons!!

  2. Broad beans do look good, we never sow any at the end of autumn as they never seemed to get through winter in the past. Who would ever become bored of photographs of Trojan?

    1. Glad you're enjoying the Tro pics Sue. I always do well with my autumn sown beans and it does mean one less job for spring!!

  3. Your plot looks great, the broad beans look really healthy and lots of brassicas. I've decided to do a similar thing and post an update monthly of whats going on at the plot. Its good for you as well to follow how things go each year.


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