Saturday 27 February 2016


Wow...I really didn't mean to spend this long away but I have just been so busy.

Last week was half term and so I got the week off and although was busy with things really enjoyed the time spent with family and friends and catching up on some other bits too and of course the monthly meetings!!

This week saw visits for family birthdays, some wonderful news...back to work and some catch up along with some time down the plot....

All this has been going on and I am actually going out in a short while but really wanted a quick check in...I will hopefully get some time tomorrow to start getting you all caught up but for now I will share one of my  my fail safe picture with you....

Trojan with Jasmine....lovely

Of course it's a pic of Tro having some lovely cuddles with Jasmine who got just a little shy when I pointed the camera at them!! Enjoy your evening and I will be back tomorrow with the start of the updates!!


  1. Trojan has fitted in to your family so well, it's amazing how quickly they worm their way in to your heart, isn't it?

  2. See you tomorrow - don't be late ;-)

  3. Having a good time with the dog is always one of the best things.

  4. Trojan obviously loves cuddles. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and look forward to more news in your next post.

  5. Trojan with Jasmine look like strong cuddle team :) The photo is so touching. He makes you smile. He is good friend. :)

    1. Trojan always knows how to bring a smile to my face and is always there to depend on, he is dearly loved and a valuable member of our family.


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