Saturday 6 February 2016

February 2016

Well February rolled in pretty much the same way January rolled out....grey, windy, sunny, wet, damp, miserable, cold....yep all in the same day!!

I took a few photos up the allotment...they aren't great as they were taken on my wasn't that I forgot the camera but when I switched it on I was told to 'Charge the battery' and it promptly shut down!! I really should check the meter more often!

The bug hotel is lost in the undergrowth...
but that is kind of the point!!

Wet and windy means the bees weren't out but a
quick look inside proved them to be still buzzing!!

The pond still has plenty of bug life in it...even in February!

It looks a bit bare this time of year but won't be long
before the flowers and herbs
start blooming again.

The shed stood up well to the winds and the felt is looking
great on the roof.

The chickens don't seem bothered by the weather.
A little blossom to brighten things up!
Not everything on the allotments has stood up to the winds...
this greenhouse gets a little more 'mangled' every time the
wind picks up. Such a shame as it was a really good
 greenhouse and been there many years.
I actually took more photos than this ...I didn't realise how many until I loaded the card up into the computer so I picked just a few.

Last week I found a slot on the laptop for the memory card to go directly into...and to think that all this time I have been hunting out the card reader...this is so much easier!!

Well I don't have a few other things to tell you about but will leave those for some future posts.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad that all is well at the allotment apart from that greenhouse frame. Hope it doesn't cause damage to the other greenhouses by blowing against the glass. It's good that the wildlife is fine too. Using the slot for the memory card on the laptop makes life easier. Hope you have a relaxing evening and Sunday.

    1. It causing damage to other peoples plots is my main worry Linda but not a lot I can do about it unfortunately.
      I always feel proud of myself when I learn about a new gadget!!
      Hope you enjoy your weekend too.

  2. That greenhouse does look a little worse for wear. To answer your question from my blog, I'm not selling the cards, right now they are just for my own entertainment

    1. I think thats an understatement Ann!! Would it be okay for me to use the tomato index card...I love it...

  3. I've not even ventured to the plot today. Weather just to horrible. Card reader? I'm fully signed up to the TCC (Technologically Challenged Club). It recently moved to a new laptop and Windows 10. I's really upset me but I am slowly adapting to the new rules.

    1. I have refused to get windows 10 Mal...I only just got used to for a card reads memory cards!!

  4. I was just about to say that it's all loooking good, especially for this time of year, until I saw the mangled greenhouse. That's such a shame, isn't it? I hate the wind, it does so much damage and scares me to death.

    1. The wind really scares me too Jo...I know it is silly but I worry all the time when it howls around outside even though I can do nothing about it!

  5. Those bees have more sense than we do!

    1. I'm totally with them Sue...stay inside and keep warm!!


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