Friday 12 February 2016

The Saga of the Printer.....

So I told you all how my printer went caput...right??? Yeah I know I definitely mentioned it somewhere so last weekend when Hubby was going to the opticians I went off into town with him tp go and replace the printer whilst he was busy getting his eyes tested.

So of course it was going to be easy to replace the printer...go to the store...speak to the owner who I have known for years.....purchase the printer...come home.....plug in leads...sorted!!!

Not quite that simple.

Firsty Dave didn't have the computer in stock that I was after...I looked at what he had but he only had in the ones with scanners and I didn't see the point in paying extra for a scanner when I had a perfectly good working one already. Dave however, (kind soul that he is), then searched and made a few phone calls for me and found out that the store just round the corner had one in at a good price so off I popped to purchase the printer.

At this point I should say I was basing buying my printer on the inks that I had in it...maybe I should also say that my printer lasted me more than 10 years!!

So with printer purchased I popped back to Dave's store and got some paper and a few other bits that I needed and at this point he wrote in the back of his diary what inks I would need as it is always a standing joke with the staff that I can never remember!!

So off home I trot and undo the the very first look inside it's obvious it's not identical to my previous printer. At this point I look at the manuals of the old printer and I can see they have different model numbers. So I did a quick internet search and this is when i find out that my printer has been updated 7 times since I bought it and I could no longer purchase the one that broke anyway.

So I figured at that point I would just get to a new printer...but that's when the real problems started!

At this point I took a little photo diary...just imagine me pulling my hair out and exasperating my son who is desperate to be back playing WOW but very calmly trying to be nice and supportive at the same time so that I don't tell him he isn't going on the damn computer at

This is the space the old printer
lived in very happily!

And this is the new printer not
looking quite so happy!

So this was the point I had to make decisions...a new cabinet that could fit everything on? I knew I could have a look on the internet at stores and stuff but first to install the printer. Of course this was long winded...all the new programmes!!

Window after window opened up and
wanted various instruction.

Do this, Do that, Do the other!!!!
Why can't you just plug and play?!

Finally it was ready and whilst sat on
the floor printed lovely.

The only way to fit it in the unit
though was sideways!!

Oh this is my nephew who first struck a pose
for a photo and then shrieked and turned tail
running up the stairs declaring 'No yet...I
haven't done my hair!' I did tell him I would
post both photo and comment!
 So after installation was complete I started hunting the internet to look for a computer cabinet...but to no avail. I couldn't find anything that would fit everything I wanted to on the cabinet and also the one I have has some cubby holes at the side for bits and bobs and a shelf at the top to put the hub and phone and speakers. At this point I sweet talked hubby to taking me to Downtown but nothing there was suitable either. The closest I came to was s site that would custom build furniture for you but when I looked into it further it was going to cost in excess of £600. This would make it a rather expensive printer...and to be honest, I like my fits the space perfectly and has everything that I the only other option was adapting it. I had lots of thoughts and 'umms' and ahhs' before I finally came up with a plan of action. It involved screwdrivers, drills, extra screws and pins and a saw. All sounds a little daunting but I got on with it and a couple of hours later (after a really good clean up and untangling of wires)....tadaa!!!

Printer sitting pretty on its new shelf!

The top got a good sort out too!!
 The change of the shelf to the top actually gave me a lot more room at the bottom for papers and things but they were a bit messy but that was all right as I knew just the thing to remedy that!

A paper storage drawer!
With the drawers in place I even had space to put my Beekeeping stuff too which means they are also neatly out the way and I didn't have to pay out for a new cabinet...I'm nothing if not resourceful!
I am loving the new set seems a lot more in-line and sleek and with the printer at the top it's less likely to get knocked by big foot (oh that would be my son with his size 13's) and will be easier to keep clean.

All in all even though there was a little work involved I am pleased with the outcome and more than happy with the final product. And also..if printers revert back to how the other was it can move down and the draws come apart to form different configurations so I have covered all angles for the future too!!

Result! :-)


  1. Glad you were able to adapt the cabinet, it would have worked out a very expensive printer otherwise. Love the photo of Barney catching flies in your previous post.

  2. Thank goodness it all worked out after what sounds like an exhausting time getting the printer, setting it up and modifying the cabinet! I can relate to all of it, including fitting a new printer into a small space because it's bigger than the old one. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    1. I actually find doing that sort of thing quite therapeutic...I really do love a good problem to solve!!

  3. I know how frustrating the whole thing had to be but I can't help giggling just a little because it sounds like something that would happen to me :)

    1. I guess we all have these moments Ann. :-)

  4. What about a before photo so we can admire your handiwork properly

    1. I know Sue...and I really did think I had taken a shot of the cabinet before I started...but then I couldn't find either I only thought about it or deleted it....take my word for it was really messy and unorganised...of course I will blame the children and hubby for that one!!! If I do happen to come across the photo though I will be sure to post it.

  5. I'm snorting at your troubles. I gave up on fitting our new printer in. It resides under the bed now & brought out only when I want to print something xx

    1. I really thought we were in the era where everything was getting smaller!! I wasn't going to let it beat me...glad I could give you a chuckle though!!

  6. I'm glad you got everything worked out well. And I envy how neat you keep everything. My computer area looks like a bad mad scientists lab with junk and computer parts everywhere, complete with weird flashing lights.

    1. I am a bit of a stickler for neatness the hubby and kids


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