Wednesday 30 March 2016

Have I lost it???

As is usual with my posts again it has been such a long time.....I don't even know's not like I didn't have things to tell you because I did but they are now so far in the past I wonder if it's even worth back tracking.I'm not entirely sure I haven't lost my 'mojo' for writing...I don't think I've lost the will to's just every time I go to sit and write something I feel that maybe it really isn't worth that much. Maybe as the season progresses I will feel better....maybe I need growth to inspire my writing....maybe I need to add different content to my blog too...anyone bored with me yet?? Do you just come for the gardening stuff or would you be interested in something more??

The seeds I planted are yet to show any signs of germination but I am hopeful and I still have more to plant.
Easter vacation means I have two weeks off work and I am trying to use this time to get back on track and right where I should be on the plot and with everything in general...I think I'm getting there, even if it is slower than anticipated, I am confident it will all be good.

Okkay this is turning into a bit of a whine really....I didn't intend that and the sun is shining outside and it has been a wonderful day so I am nicely shattered from giving my Dad a hand in his garden and a little pink in the face too....It is so nice to see some prolonged sun...the bees are loving it too although I can't say I'm loving the queen wasp I saw in my shed!!

Jeez...I don't even know what I was supposed to be writing is Wednesday isn't it?? Maybe I should have done a wordless post instead of a non-sensical, bore you all to death post...oh well I guess I can help you sleep if nothing else!!

I have plans, I have ambitions, I have new goals to try!! Some of these are garden related, some are bee related which is kind of attached to the garden, some are nothing at all to do with gardening...but I have just decided.....I will cover it all none the less. I guess you may like it...after all it is always good to have goals and even if no-one out there is reading it at least I will always have a personal diary of my attempts (I say that as I'm not to sure how well it will turn out but I am going to give it a good try...after I've tried I will let you in on it!!)

Okay...this is getting a little wordy now and as I have no pictures to share I will say bye ....Next time I'm on the allotment I will go armed with a camera!!

Tuesday 15 March 2016

And 'sow' it begins!!!

So in some unsuspecting milder weather |I bit the bullet and went to the allotment. I was only in the greenhouse though having a bit of a sort out and checking the seed situation.

The seed situation is pretty dire as it turns out and I need to get buying this year but I am happy knowing that I have now used up all my old stock.

As you can see here I gave the greenhouse a good sort out and even got in the seeds I had already that were due to be planted...this gave me a great sense of satisfaction and I now feel like I'm moving in the right direction for the growing season that is soon to arrive in earnest.

This is the rubbish I sorted out of the greenhouse, mainly pots that are past their best and papers and much better to get it out and it will soon be going in the bin.

even the bees were happily out and about collecting pollen!!!


Tuesday 1 March 2016

Moody March 1st, 2016

Si we are into the third month of the year and what a moody start it was, grey clouds rolling across the skies, wind howling through the still bare tree branches and the rain lashing down. So not what I wanted to see when I got up this morning.

Grizzly skies and windy wet days.
Grizzly skies and windy
wet days.
On the plus side the bad weather finally spurred me into getting the sons bedroom furniture from bits on the floor to cupboards and shelving so that was a job well done!!

Not much has changed up the allotment since the beginning of February apart from moving a bit of rubbish and to be honest with the weather the way it was I didn't fancy visiting the plot anyway.

But of course Trojan still needed his walk so I took the camera with me and snapped about a bit....Trojan didn't seem the least bit bothered by the weather!!

being his usual nosey self
Who's there??
Have a little skip
Have a little skip!
Paddle in the puddles!
Paddle in the puddles!
 Not many people out on our walk today...plenty of birds to share the fields with though!!

Seagulls, crows and ravens.
Seagulls, crows and ravens.
ravens and crows
Not the least bit bothered by
Name the seagull??
Name the seagull??
Name the seagull??
Here's a closer look!
None of the birds are bothered by either myself or Trojan. There were quite a few seagulls but with them that's as far as I can identify them. Have you any idea what they are called??