Sunday 17 April 2016

A week late...but at least I'm awake!!

So this post was actually supposed to go up last week...before I went back to work but I just couldn't stay awake long enough.

Going back to work last Monday actually gave me a chance to rest and recuperate a little to be honest!!

I will keep it pretty brief for you all and share a few pics too.

So the second week of my hols was extremely busy....even more so than the first week.

Helping a friend to move a ton (literally) of gravel.
Helping same friend sort out her shed and fill the empty ton bag to the brim with rubbish.
Still helping the same friend sort her friends garden out as it had no purpose and she didn't know where to start.

That was without the bit of time I did get to spend down the plot, helping my Dad lay some grass and an emergency vet visit!!

As you can imagine I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted with all the helping and there is still the potatoe patch to be sorted but I'm still pretty happy with everything!!

You can see in this picture that I have the
middle stretch yet to prepare, this will be
where to potatoes will go this year so I
can weed as I plant.

I know you've seen this side already but
it now has a wonderful grass path down
the middle!! :-)
I will tell you more about my Dad's garden later in the week. I have also managed to get the bee plot mowed, finally got the logs from my Dad's garden moved down to the bee plot, got all the seeds planted in the greenhouse, Got Trojan a new 'tether' for the bee plot and also cleared half the weeds on the patch where the potatoes are going since these photos were taken.

It's been a weird week weather wise with sun, heat frost snow and hail....kind of normal for us Brits I guess!!

Hope you've all had a good weekend.


  1. it's exhausting just reading about all that Hope the emergency vet visit wasn't anything too serious

    1. I think I realised as I was typing everything just how busy I had been!!

  2. You've been so busy and it's all looking good. I seem to have lost my gardening mojo, I think it's because I've given up the allotment, I haven't even sown my tomatoes yet. I really must get a move on with things.

    1. Really hope you find your mojo again Jo, I always find things have a way of catching up so don't worry too much about being behind. My tomatoes haven't even germinated yet!!

  3. Goodness you have been busy. We made a start at the weekend, it was lovely to be out in the garden xx

    1. I always love it when I first get started, yet at the same time always feel overwhelmed by it all.

  4. Every year I see your work begin in the spring I think I should do the same with all of this land I have. every year I end up doing nothing. One of these times I hope I'll finally use your example and get motivated.

    1. Hope you do find the motivation at some point Ratty, there's nothing as satisfying as eating something you've grown yourself!!


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