Tuesday 24 May 2016

A Little landscaping.

Well my Dad has decided to give his garden an overhaul and make it low maintenance as he just doesn't have the energy of flexibility that he had a few years ago.

I have been giving him a hand with this and we started on the back garden...obviously we aren't professionals but we are really pleased with what we have achieved....see what you think.

Low maintenance grass.

Around the greenhouse too.

In this one you can see a few ripples
but with a little advice we got
those sorted.
This is now a lot easier for my Dad to take care of and Trojan and Louie love it!!

We didn't stop there...we have started on the front too. All the ideas were my dad's, I have just helped out implementing them....

So this is what it looked like a couple of weeks
ago as you approached my Dad's garden.
A driveway has been put in (not by us though, we aren't
that good!) and this took over half of the largest lawn.
To the right of the driveway my Dad decided
to lay slate as he liked the idea of the contrast.
He has picked some grasses to plant within
the slate.
The idea for the base of the plum
tree is to raise the base of it
with some bark .
So what do you think so far?? There is still much to be done, some of which has already been carried out but when we have completed it I will show you the finished product!!


  1. It looks good. I need someone to come do some landscaping in my yard.

    1. You pay the flight fare and I'll come and landscape for you Ann...lol

  2. It's looking great. The garden can take up a lot of time and effort but you've come up with some good ideas to make it low maintenance.

    1. Thanks John, I think it will look really nice once it's all finished.

  3. Do you have to do anything at all to maintain the artificial grass?

    1. Not really Sue, sometimes weeds do start to grow where they blow in or the birds drop them so you get the odd one to pull out. Other than that maybe hose it down once a week in the drier summer months but only because we have dogs.

  4. This is the kind of thing I need to do. Not because I can't do the other stuff, but because I may be too lazy. I don't like to be lazy about landscaping, but I have accepted that I just am. I've been thinking of replacing the short weeds out front with just rocks. I'd like to have grass there, but it just won't grow.

    1. Go for artificial grass Ratty, always green and never needs mowing.....perfect!

  5. Glad you could help your Dad. He had some good ideas to make the garden low maintenance. I'm all for that myself! It's all looking good. It reminds me that I need to get some more slate to top up a small area in our garden. The bark around the plum tree will finish off that driveway area nicely.

    1. He really has come up with some great ideas to tie everything in together and yet still make it a garden which is pleasing to the eye and nice to sit out in with some great focal points. I'm quite proud of the pair of us! 😁


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