Sunday 29 May 2016

Picturing the plot!!

It's been a long weekend but I did take a few pics of the plot to share with you.

The squash plants are hardened
off and ready for planting.

The tomato plants are looking good
and need potting on.

The roots bed, garlic and onions doing great,
beetroot showing but no sign of carrots!

The greenhouse is in place, still needs fixing
down and can't put the glass in yet due to the
broad beans and garlic!

A new slab path down the middle of the plot
and half the weeding done..hopefully get the
rest done tomorrow.

Runner beans look healthy and the
grape vines are budding.

No sign of the potatoes yet but I was
late planting them...they will come

I rediscovered the strawberry patch last
weekend, plenty of fruit already set.

The sweetcorn is looking good!
So that's where I'm at. The plot is relatively tidy and the weeds that are growing will be quick to clear as they aren't deep rooted. I have plans to get the squash in this weekend, and also some salad crops. My brassicas haven't germinated well this year so I may have to bite the bullet and but some unless I can get some from another plot holder. Watch this space for more improvements over the week!!

I did hive a swarm's nicely boxed and will be moved to its new location tomorrow so I'll tell you more about that and give you a 'bee update' when that's done!


  1. I hope that the slugs haven't had your carrot seedlings,

    1. I hadn't thought about something eating them Sue, just presumed they hadn't germinated. I will sow some more and see how I go!!

  2. It's all looking great. My tomatoes are so far behind this year that I've had to buy some plants, my own fault, the seeds were sown so late.

    1. I think this is probably the first year my tomatoes look favourite size of most other plot holders Jo, shame I was so late with the spuds!!

  3. We were late planting our potatoes but they have happily come through now. Your plot is looking busy and productive x

    1. Mine have only been in a few weeks....oh well we will be eating them when others have run out!!😁

  4. everything looks wonderful.

  5. Everything is looking good. We're getting adventurous and growing melons for the first time otherwise it's the usual basics, tomatoes, beans, peas, broccoli, garlic etc. Look forward to hearing more about the bees.


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