Sunday 26 June 2016

First Harvests.

Well we're at the time of year where we can start to see a little something for all our hard work!!

Broad bean harvests, small and sweet!!

Mmmmm, strawberries!! I'm sharing with the
slugs but when they are this juicy and sweet
 I'll take whatever I'm given!!

Honey!!!! Yay!! The bees have been
working hard between showers and
I was very pleased to get my first
batch of honey spun!!
Has anybody else been harvesting anything yet??

Life is busy as always and I'm seriously trying to get the allotment look less like a wilderness, it's slow going but I am ever the optimist!! Got a busier week than normal ahead but I am hoping to find some time to catch up with all your blogs this week too so bare with me!!

Thursday 23 June 2016

Before and After......

So a couple of 'almost' dry days meant I could actually get a decent amount of work done down the allotment.

The 'brassica to be' and sweetcorn

and after!!

The shed and pond area
before and.....


Interior of shed, before

So things are looking better. The wet weather has been liked as much by the weeds as it has by the slugs. Surprisingly with al the weeds we'd had my soil was neither compacted or water logged. Of course I knew this would be the case and had predicted the horrific weather of late and that's why I let the weed situation get so was all to help out the garden..........honest??!!

I managed to fill two green wheelie bins from sorting this lot!!

The shed was really just messy, there were a few jars and bits to go to the bnin but not much else. I was a little upset to go into the shed after emptying it out and finding two baby shrews on the floor, so tiny they hadn't yet opened their eyes. I don't like disturbing nests but just didn't spot it. I just scooped them with some balled up stuff to the side but I doubt Their Mum will come back to them now.

So I still have lots to do and have remembered to take the before shots so I will hopefully be able to show you some more wonderful garden pictures at the weekend. Is your garden growing well in the warmth and rain this year??

Monday 20 June 2016

Busy Bees

So I haven't mentioned the bees much lately but they are now in full swing. I have three working hives and a nuc (small hive) on the go.

I'm really pleased with how they are going this year but I don't want to speak too soon as everythng can so easily go wrong!!

Anyway I have been helping out a few other bee keepers this year with queen marking too, I'm no expert believe me but if I keep this up it shouldn't be

Anyway here's a few pics I took yesterday during an unusually dry spell when I managed to get in the hives.

Hopefully we'll have a lot more dry days so the bees can get out more!!

Saturday 18 June 2016

Slugs Delight!!

Well that's what the weather has been just lately, lovely for the slugs!!

I guess it's helped the gardens grow too, especially the weeds!

I desperately need to weed....and sort out plenty of other things too but right now as it's been a while i will just share with you whatever I happen to have on the camera...let's take a look!!

So I finally got round to painting the shed
and got my signs up!!

Fun Signs.

Fun Signs.

Fun Signs.

Fun Signs.

Also got the plants in the greenhouse
potted on, hopefully they will do well!

Chilli and bell peppers.

So apparently I did remember to take some photos, this was just out of one file on the camera. I haven't opened the others yet but I think I will save them for another day.

Life's been busy with lots to do and still to be done but i am confident that I'll get there and with the weather showing to be dryer for the next week I am hoping to get some decent time down the allotment!!

See you soon with more pics.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Messy, messy...... I felt I should write a post....but I've been busy....and not at the plot...but the garden was a fact it still needs A LOT of work!!!

I have just finished cutting the lawn though....

Short grass!!
Hubby did just say to me...'What?? You cut the lawn and so your taking a photo of it??'

I did explain to him it's a very lazy blog post. It was over two foot long so was no easy feat to mow. You can still see the messy beds but I intend to sort these tomorrow...will make a change for me to have a before and after pc.

Not a great pic as I couldn't even be bothered to go back outside so took it through the lounge window!!

Well that's all...maybe it will be a spectacular post next can't get any worse!!