Sunday 26 June 2016

First Harvests.

Well we're at the time of year where we can start to see a little something for all our hard work!!

Broad bean harvests, small and sweet!!

Mmmmm, strawberries!! I'm sharing with the
slugs but when they are this juicy and sweet
 I'll take whatever I'm given!!

Honey!!!! Yay!! The bees have been
working hard between showers and
I was very pleased to get my first
batch of honey spun!!
Has anybody else been harvesting anything yet??

Life is busy as always and I'm seriously trying to get the allotment look less like a wilderness, it's slow going but I am ever the optimist!! Got a busier week than normal ahead but I am hoping to find some time to catch up with all your blogs this week too so bare with me!!


  1. those beans look so good. I remember when my dad would plant them. I always looked forward to seeing them show up on the dinner table

    1. I do love broad beans...but I only like them when they are picked young which is why I always grow plenty of my own for the whole year!!

  2. so far I gotten spinach & peas. Been cutting peppermints to dry. I found out my pantry was out of them last winter.

    1. I haven't cut any herbs yet...really should get around to it before it's too late!!


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