Thursday 4 August 2016

It's got to go!!!

So about 6 years ago I purchased some grapevines. I never really expected to get much from them but thought they would make a fine barrier between my plot and the next, look pretty and feed the wildlife.

Well I was right, they produce grapes but never really ripen so aren't fit for human consumption, they do however look pretty and the birds do pick off the fruit in the autumn.

Grapevine takes over!!
They are continually making a break for the entire allotment, and not just mine but the neighbouring plot holders too. I am continually having to hack them back just to get down the path so this autumn they are just going to have to go. They are wonderful but there is just no taming them and I am having to be so ferocious with cutting them this year to try and keep them under control a little that I don't think they will even produce fruit for the birds.

So in the autumn I will be removing them, my dilemma is, I don't just want posts and wire at the end of my plot. I want something bordering it but don't know what i should put here. I would like something that can give back in the way of beauty, habitat or food (either for me or the wildlife) something that would be a little easier to contain and something that will be there year on year to cut down the workload.

So if any of you have some ideas on what I could grow...please do let me know as at the moment I just can't decide.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Vines are very rampant aren't they, I know the one in my mums garden is! What about a mixed edible hedge in its place? x

  2. Have you enough raspberries? I am also considering a black raspberry. Grapevines do need constant pruning throughout the season or they do take advantage.


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