Friday 2 September 2016

Neglecting it all!!!

There is an allotment with crops in
there somewhere...honest!
So I'm here....and I am alive and well...just been a little not with it at times. August has been a hard month....and I have neglected a lot of things throughout, the allotment (as you can see above) the bee admin, this blog, the bee blog, the bee plot, my reading and my letter writing and also keeping caught up with my favourite blogs. Having said that though there have been some lovely highlights of 21st and 16th celebrations and a wonderful holiday too.

But August is now over and the days are rapidly getting shorter and I am starting to get my butt into gear again...after all I am sat here writing this aren't I??

I do have a lot to share but don't think it's a good idea to put it all in one post and some of it is probably more relevant on the bee blog but I will give you a few tidbits about the bees soon so that you don't have to go and check out a separate blog...I know some of you don't like too!!

So where was I ?? I don't really know...I have kind of lost the plot as I have so much to tell you all about....but surely I can't just leave this post as it is hasn't really said anything??? Maybe I could and then start some valid posts that have a point to them and publish them every day or two for a while until I am finally caught up??

Hmmmmm.....what to do?? Any ideas?? Well it's not like I'm going to get an answer whilst I'm still writing the post as nobody has even read it yet...of course there is the chance that no-one will come back to read it I have been away so long...with the odd pointless post in the middle!!

Hang on...let me check the camera for inspiration.....
What's going on with the marrows??
 Not much there without delving into more of a story at the moment but I did find the above picture. This is one of my marrow plants...the HEALTHIEST one I might add. What's going on there?? Marrows are usually like courgettes...way too many grow but all the plot holders have far too many and you can't give them away...this year I haven't had a single marrow...and bouy do we love eating marrow. I just don't know why...have I lost my mojo?? I know I'm still not really back on track this year but to not be able to grow a marrow is just embarrassing to be honest....oh and then I go and announce it to the

Red Sky at night,
Shepherds delight
Apart from that I will leave you with a sunset from last week....I saw this whilst sat on the sofa...I just loved the pink fluffy calming and soothing to the eye.

I will be back with more of everything...if not tomorrow then certainly the day after...after all don't want to snowball you all if you come back to will need a little bit of breathing time!!


  1. If I know you you'll have everything back in order within a couple of days, it doesn't take you long once you put your mind to it.

    1. True Jo and already it looks a lot better but I fear there is a way to go yet!

  2. I won't tell anyone about your marrow issues :) your secret is safe with me

  3. I've been kind of messed up a bit too. I haven't had a new post in over a month. I'm slowly trying to make a comeback though. But it's always good to see a new post from you, even if you're having things like marrow problems.

    1. Well it seemed as good a thing as any to write about Ratty....even if a little nice to see you popping over even if you haven't been posting much.

  4. Our courgettes haven't been as prolific this year. After an initial mini glut the plants were hit by mildew. When I have quite a few ideas for posts, I write several at one sitting and schadule them teo days or so apart.

    1. My courgettes have been slow this year fact all the squash has...but that's for another post. Thanks for the scheduling tip....I think I will do that next time rather than trying to find the time or the energy to bother getting the laptop out after work!!


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