Monday 17 October 2016

Taking it easy.

So thought I'd have a little potter yesterday on the plot and take things a little easier. For me that meant a little time off digging.

So I thought I'd tackle this.....

My very out of control Gooseberry bush. It had started attacking from every angle and it was kind of hard to get to the shed. I had read about the correct way to tackle one of these from sue over at Green Lane allotments and I really wanted to give this a go. Believe me I tried....but I think I got s little carried away...because by the time I had finished I ended up with this....

Not exactly what I was aiming for but I'm sure it will come back with a vengeance next year so I'm not worried!!

Also managed to trim up a few other bits too..

So a few brambles got tamed and a few nettles cut back too and I can now get to the shed without a fight and without getting ripped to pieces!!

It's not finished by a long shot but it's nice to know I am making headway with things...slow and steady wins the race!!


  1. Now that you have massacred :-) your gooseberry I'd take a few of those crowded stems right out including some of those in the centre maybe leave about 5 or 6 stems.

    1. Thanks Sue...I will get that sorted, maybe next year it won't attack me quite so much!!

  2. You were busy. Good job. I'm sure you'll have it all in tip top shape in no time

    1. You are more convinced that I am


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