Sunday 27 November 2016

So what do I write??

WEll things have been very lively at home whilst Polly has been settling in. She certainly is a character....very naughty at times but you can never stay cross at her!!

Her training is coming along nicely as is her recall so we are very proud of her, Polly is also becoming very sociable with both dogs and people.

As for the be honest not a lot to report. I did manage to get down last weekend and put in the garlic and autumn onions. Apart from that things came to a bit of a stand still after Tro and so it's going into the winter messier than I would like but  am sure I will catch up in the spring!!

The bees were put to be a while ago now and now there is just hope that the colonies make it through the winter. It's about all you can do really. I will give them some fondant next weekend so they have a backup plan for food and make sure there entrances are kept free of winter debris but really not much else to be done but hope. I think the winter is probably the hardest for a beekeeper because it really is down to mother nature as to whether the colonies survive or not.

I have handed in my resignation with the allotment committee but I am still on the bee committee as Membership secretary. Why give up one and not the other I hear you ask?? Well two reasons really, my role in the bee committee is admin based at my own leisure so doesn't eat into time I want to spend on the allotment or with the bees. Also my busiest time on the bee committee is november to January when there is really not much going on in the garden or with the bees so again does not impact on my time.

I don't really have much else to say right now, I originally came on to catch up with my favourite blogs but I have found that blogger has has a rejig of its layout and I'm struggling to find them to be honest so thought I would ease my frustration with a few words.

That is all for now. I promise next time will be a more thrilling read and have some pictures to look at so you won't get bored with my ramblings!! However I can't promise they wont be dog related!!

Wednesday 9 November 2016

A new addition

Firstly I would like to thank all of those who sent me condolences on was a hard time, hence my absence and I am really grateful for your kind words.

Trojan was truly irreplaceable...and yet I couldn't have that emptiness in my house so we did go ahead and get another dog.

Trojan gave us such life and warmth and we knew that we could give another a wonderful home and all though we didn't want to replace him we did want to honour him the only way we knew how.

After Tro we thought long and hard about what would be best for us as a family in the long run with whether we should rescue or go for a puppy and also with what breed we should have...research told us what breeds  could suffer with spleen issues and after having had to deal with this and also a friend dealing with this in the last week it made us think about breeds a lot more.

Anyway...we did make a decision and so I would like to introduce you all to our newest family member....

Polly The Springer Spaniel.
Polly has been with us a week now and is settling in well, being spoilt rotten by the Hubby and loved by all. I know Trojan would have adored her and I am happy that we are again giving a wonderful environment for such a beautiful girl. We went the Puppy route and she is just 16 weeks old but a very quick learner. I shall hopefully catch up with you all over the next week and also get to writing some posts again. Take care...for now  shall just leave you with these....

mental moment

Hope you are all well.