Friday 24 February 2017

Where did that go??

I am of course referring to the last two weeks!! I had a week off work and now I've been back at work a week and I can't believe the time has gone by so quick.

I wouldn't mind not posting if I had nothing to write but I Have plenty in my head to tell you (even though you may not want to!) but the time has just run away. I mean can you believe that it's March next week?? It really has gone fast this last two months.

On the plus side the days are getting longer again and as I leave work i can see it's a little lighter in the horizon which is a really nice sight!!

Today is lovely...beautiful in fact compared to yesterday's storm Doris, Hope everyone got through it mostly unscathed! I had to do a quick emergency repair to a fence before it a0 destroyed the neighbour's car and b)meant Polly could have an unsupervised walk.

Apart from that everything is fine at home though I have to admit to not going and checking out the allotment yet to see if there is any damage, I didn't see any beehives fly past the window and the wind was heading my way from the allotment so I hope they are all fine too...we have had worst winds and they have been fine so fingers crossed.

I have took the opportunity to get in the garden a bit this morning with the weather being rather was actually great to get out in the elements after being cooped up all day yesterday...I do hate being stuck inside all the least I hate it when you have no choice but to be stuck inside!!

Wow, all that and I still haven't really said anything..though to be honest all the other stuff going round needs breaking down into separate posts so it's noether long winded or gibberish. This I am going to attempt tonight after work...right now I am just sitting waiting for dinner to cook and the hubby to get home from work so thought I would touch base with everyone. I will however give you a brief list of what has been keeping me so busy!!

Housework...there's always plenty of that but some major cleaning was needed so I got on top of things last week but that kind of takes a lot of time...I find it very satisfying though!!

Polly...well she always keeps me busy...but it's always a wonderful busy and I do love the lengthy walks across the fields with her. She is great with her recall now so gets plenty of time off lead to run around and chase the birds!!

The bee course...this is running again this year and starts next week..eek...I'm not a student on it though but I am teaching one of the sessions...which I have yet to finish writing...just as well I'm not teaching the first course!!

Helping out a fellow beekeeper.

Garden remodelling.

Getting distracted but the life that is coming back with the seasons changing.

Postal deliveries!

Just spending time with family, I always make sure I have room for is after all one of the most important and my all time favourite things (That is when I'm not wanting to murder the children!!)

So there you have it...plenty to tell you about which I am going to tell you all in due course.

It's a bit wordy this post isn't it?? Hang on...let me get a few pics for you to look least it will be finishing on a less boring note!!

Okay, just snapped a few randoms for you.

Just one of the beautiful dozen Red Roses that the
Hubby sent me for Valentines!!

A beautiful and very sleepy Polly!

Crocuses are starting to bloom!

and the daffodils too, really letting us
know that spring is on it's way.

...and not forgetting our beautiful Alfie who so often
get's overlooked in my posts, 'Sorry Alfie'!!

Monday 13 February 2017

A little history whilst you walk!!

Well I was thinking about what I could post one day whilst out walking Polly and then I got majorly incensed about something so I figured I would share with you all...oh and give you a little background history whilst I'm at it!!

First enjoy the little sets the scene in your mind.

So the video above is of something we villagers affectionately call 'The Football Field'
It is literally a 3 minute walk from my house and a great was around when I was a child and when my Dad was young too. This field was actually donated to the parish council by another villager many years ago with clauses in the contracts to say that it can never be built on and has to always remain a space for the benefit of the village to enjoy...probably not n those words but you get the idea right?? When I was a child there was a bmx track on it and I remember taking my sturdy little polo bike round the track. It has always been used for sporting events and the local teams play cricket and football here and it has been used in the past by the scouts and also for village events.

It is also a great place to walk your dog, plenty of open space, plenty of different ways to enter, lots of good smells and wildlife about...what more could a dog owner want right??

So after that wonderful description you may be thinking to yourselves...'What's the problem??'...well I'll tell you...other dig owners...the irresponsible ones.....those that think they have every right to ignore their dogs squats and leave it all over. This is a child'splaying field too...why cant't they just clean up after their animals...after all if you decided to own a dog you take the good and the nasty bits with it. I wouldn't mind so much but as you walk around the field exercising your dog in a safe environment you come across;
Dog  Bins
But the parish haven't stopped also find;

Dog poo bags.

Both of these items have been put in place by the parish to have a lovely space that both children can play safely and people can exercise their pets they are filled/emptied regularly. Yet so many think they are above using them and just leave feces on the play areas and in the longer areas which ar4e left to go wild for the wildlife around and about. I am a dog owner and I am appalled at the lack of responsibility that many dog owners exhibit.

I know this won't get people picking up after their pets...but I just wanted to let those of you that aren't dog owners  know that not all dog owners are  this irresponsible and that it seriously ticks us off too!!

Okay so rant finish off a few happy pics of Polly in the field!!

Monday 6 February 2017

Finding Myself...

Do you ever feel like that?? Like you've kind of lost your way a little...and maybe a little bit of who you are?? It's how I've been feeling just lately...I'm not entirely sure why...maybe I've been trying to live up to expectations...going a little out of my way to please others which isn't really who I am.

The problem is the more you do things that you wouldn't normally do then the more you keep doing it...the more you keep doing it the less of the real you there is left. I don't mean this to be a depressing post and yet i think it's coming over that way....but I'm not down...just the opposite....but I think I am only getting things back together now and remembering who I am.

I hate the fact that I've not been keeping up with my blog, and my gardening and knitting and other stuff I enjoy so I am going back to my basics...after all when I am happy then I am healthy and in control. I love organisation and I'be been losing that a bit lately as well so I am going to take back the aspects I love and drop those I don't and get myself back to my happy place.

It's been a long time coming but life is good right now..I have my health..and my family. These are the things that matter and with these things in my life I can move forward with a spring inmy step and organisation in my mind!!

That being said I have yet to start on the allotment but I am ready to get back into it and get things fact i am desperate for the better weather...I really hope we get a few decent days next week as it's half term and I can really get stuck in to both the garden and the allotment in preparation for the coming season.

I didn't get finished tidying up last year and the new greenhouse is still only a frame without glass but I'm not worried. I don't intend to make plans...just do what I can when I can and let the progress work at i's own pace and just be proud of any accomplishments I make.

I did pop down the allotment a couple of weeks ago on a rather sunny afternoon to have a quick look at the hives. Two were flying gloriously, the third was a little slow...could be a number of reasons for that but can't do anything about it with the weather still so cold....put some extra fondant in and cross my fingers is about as much as I can do with that one.

So enough waffling...I hope you are all well and I'm sorry for neglecting my favourite blogs for so fact I am going to peruse them as soon as I have finished writing this post but just before I go I will share a couple of pics with you as you have just read probably the most mundane post in history!!

Polly enjoying a bit of sunshine.
She is now just over 6 months old.
Bees enjoying the sun.

Enjoy your evening...I will be back soon...probably won't have much to say but you should be used to that by now!!