Sunday 19 March 2017

Twelve days of Christmas

Okay, so now I feel really bad. You see I have just unearthed these photos on my camera and this is a post I really should have got around to writing months ago.

Last year I decided to partake in Jo's 'Twelve Days of Christmas' (please follow the link to find out more about it if you are unsure what it is.)

I anxiously waited for my swap partner to be announced who happened to live in New Zealand. Her name was Kimberley and I had lots of fun shopping and wrapping for her. I sent my package off in what I hoped was plenty of time and also received a package from kimberley very early on in December which I put away safely until it was time for opening.

As I opened the gifts one by one after christmas it was lovely and I carefully put them to one side so that once I had finished unwrapping I could photograph them for a blog they are for you to see.

Here is what was in my package...
lets break it down a little.

Some wonderful staionary bits. I love to write
letters so these were very welcome..
so nice to add a personal

Some napkins, washcloth, mitt the for oven.

An absolutely glorious tasting tea, some chocolate
which obviously no longer exists. cocktail sticks
and cake cases.

A wonderfully smelling candles, some ribbons
for decorating and some motifs.

I received some truly wonderful gifts and I feel really bad that i totally forgot to blog about it. If I take part next year I shall make sure I write huge notes all over the house just to remind me...I mean how terrible to not even thank someone!! Kimberley was much more organised than me and did blog about the swap so if you would like to see the gifts i sent her then just pop over to her blog Creative Chaos and have a look.

In the meantime, Kimberley I am truly sorry that I did not blog about this so much sooner and thank you so much for being such a great 12 days of christmas swap partner. Oh and don't worry, I would not mind if you didn't want to partner with me for something again ..ever!!


  1. You got some lovely gifts. What a fun swap.

    1. It really was fun to buy for and to unwrap!!

  2. I can quite understand you forgetting to blog about the swap, it's always so hectic around that time of year, the Christmas hustle and bustle and then the start of a new year. You received some lovely gifts, though I think Kimberley's the swap queen so she knows how to spoil her partners. Thanks for taking part, I'm glad you enjoyed the swap.

    1. I feel really bad about it though as Kimberley sent me some lovely things. I really did enjoy being part of the swap, very sad to hear you won't be doing it again Joy but I do understand.

  3. You had me worried with that title!

    1. Lol....just shows how far behind I am though!!


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