Thursday 13 April 2017

Patios and payouts. I don't really have a's just a load of slabs laid in the garden...they have been down a lot of years and so I decided to give them a bit if a clean up.

Here is a before.....

and after....


As they are drying!!
It was a two step process, firstly I was on my hands and knees scrubbing them with soda and daz, then I hosed them down to remove all the debris. Polly of course thought this was great fun and go incredibly wet!!

A wet but happy Polly!
And the payout? Well there was s few seeds I needed to replenish for planting and I also needed some compost so I popped to Homebase as it's the easiest place to get to as we don't have to go into main town to get there. I got several packets of seeds and 3 bags of compost. I'm not picky on my compost...anything will do so bought what was's the seeds I purchased...

Seeds purchased.
 So that was 17 packs of seeds and three bags of compost...I was a little shocked when they asked me for just shy of £43 at the checkout. It really is cheaper to but from the allotment shop so next year I think I will get my seeds sorted sooner and save myself a bit of money by ordering with them.


  1. If you have an area of slabs it's a patio especially if you pop a few pots, a table and chairs on it.

  2. I think we've got some clean up to do on our feck this year. Love this time of year though


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