Wednesday 5 April 2017

The Wonderful British Weather....

So my two week holiday started yesterday...the day dawned gloomy but warm and first thing on my holiday agenda was a lovely long walk with Polly!
Polly always get good walks and plenty of exercise but it's nice when I'm not tied to a schedule and can meander along and take in the countryside a little more.

The walk was great and when we got back I sorted dinner out and we ate...just something simple before settling with a cuppa. My idea was to enjoy a few chapters of my book with a cuppa whilst my dinner settled and then off to the allotment...then I remembered I live in England....

Rainy Afternoon.
Yep, you've guessed absolutely poured down with rain!!

It didn't start that bad though...first of all it was really light 'misely' stuff so I decided to go to the allotment anyway...I even got a few pics so I can show you just how bad it is.

I don't think they need any explanation. It simply is a mess...though I know it won't take long to sort out. With the rain I thought I'd have a look and jot down what seeds I need for this year...surprisingly I don't need that many so that was quite a nice surprise...I did think as the weather was bad that I would get some seeds sown but that was when I found out that I was totally out of the visit really was a bust and I went home!!

I did actually manage to get a little done today...first port of call was sorting out the glass from the greenhouse that will no longer be. The good glass was stored in the shed...(at least I have plenty of spare panes now) the broken glass taken home and disposed of safely, the shed sorted out, the slab path sorted and a few weeds pulled!!

I will get down again tomorrow and get a little more done over the next few days and at the weekend show you my amazing progress (at least hope I will!!)

Well thats about all I have for you in this post...pray for good weather for me over the next few days!!


  1. I think I'm getting a touch of English weather here too. It looks similar here and it's been raining a little at a time for the past several days.

  2. I hope you get some good weather, the forecast here looks good for the next week so I hope it's the same where you are.

  3. There is always that dread in my stomach the first time I visit the allotment after winter and it never is quite as bad as I think it is going to be. Like you said, yours shouldn't take long to clear - the thought is always worse than getting stuck in! Happy allotment season, wishing you fine daytime weather and gentle showers at night! Xxx


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