Saturday 17 June 2017

Alnwick Poison Gardens.

Well I did a little impromptu weeding last weekend but in true Tanya style I forgot my camera so I have just been going through the archives and found a few picks from Alnwick last year....

My Nephew and I visited the poison gardens. They were beautifully set out but you did have to book in for a tour as they are behind locked gates!!

At the gates you are gently warned about
the dangerous plants....

This is then reinforced by the
guide before you enter.

The gates really are beautiful to look at and into the
wrought iron there are different poisonous snakes
and spiders,just in case  you didn't quite grasp
the concept the first two times!!

Some of the more dangerous plants...or those that are listed are in cages to prevent the public getting anywhere near them...but not all of them can kill, there were obvious things such as cannabis and opium poppies, irritants such as nettles and thistles, but then also a few surprising ones. Aquilegias were in there, not poisonous as such but when ingested by someone with child do cause miscarriage, this was a new one on me...never harmful at any other time though.

The Prince of Wales opened 'Phase 2' of the garden in 2007.
The bench is a nice touch but you don't really get time
to sit down in the guided tour.

One of the last parts is a walkway through
the poison ivy tunnel!!

It was a nice tour and I enjoyed it and would recommend don't pay extra for it but you do need to go and book your place when you first get to the gardens. Then you are free to explore until your allotted time!!


  1. what an interesting place. That gate is quite impressive. I like the poison ivy tunnel

    1. It really was a lovely place to visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting that way.

  2. It's also amazing how many drugs are extracted from plants. They have the ability to kill or cure.

    1. I know what you mean Sue...I think what is scarier is what we as humans do to some of the plant extracts to create even more lethal drugs!

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