Saturday 3 June 2017

June??? Seriously???

Okay....I have decided to pretend that there wasn't a May in 2017 and that it really isn't that long since I posted...I have no excuses so just go with it!!

So anyway I did all that work on the allotment...then it got hot...then it got cool... then it got really rainy...and sometimes windy....these factors all helped things grow...mostly the weeds to be honest os I have been busy again weeding and planting and just generally trying yet again to get on top of, I really sound like a broken record don't I? Sorry about that, now I'll move on.

So here are a few pics as it stands at the moment....

So this is the first half. As you can see there is still
1/4 that needs sorting but I am pleased there are
some crops in and they seem to be happy!!

This is the second half, it actually looks worse
in this photo than it is and won't take long to whip
back into shape so that I can get the beetroot in
and sow some carrot seeds. There are crops
in there too!!
 You may or may not thave noticed that there is no second greenhouse in residence?? A while ago now we had some farily strong winds and the greenhouse went again, it was at that point stood up and I noticed more fractures to the frame. At that point I was still considering trying to sort it out but then a week later there were some more windy days and it went again causing yet more damage to the structure so I decided that it was more bother than it was really worth to try and sort it out so it didn't take much to dismantle it and get rid of it. On the plus side I have plenty of spare glass for the current greenhouse both on the allotment and in my Dad's garden!

The strawberry patch is looking a little worse for wear
but none the less despite it all they are doing well.

Not only are there plenty of strawberries growing...

But a few are already ripe...and delicious they were too!!
So that's all I'm giving you for now....don't want to bore you too quickly though I have lots more to tell and will be getting back to you in a day or too.
In the meantime enjoy the rest of your weekend and the sunny weather!

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  1. I hope your carrot seedlings don't go the same way as ours did.


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