Friday 25 August 2017

Stay- 'Vacation' week 2 2017

So my second week off was a week away with family and dogs...still a staycation as sorts as we didn't leave the UK!!

We had a lovely holiday in Norfolk. We stayed in a small village called Thornham about 5 miles from Hunstanton.

The village was a very picturesque and there were some beautiful walks and beaches though the local amenities were a little pricey!!

Whilst staying in Thornham we also visited Hunstanton, Wells-next-the-sea, Brancaster....and a few other 'somewheres' in between but the names escape me!

The youngest has his first taste of lobster...we went crabbing, caught a jellyfish and some prawns and shrimps and Polly got her first view of the beach and see which went down VERY well.

Here's a few pics from the hols for you to have a look at!!


  1. I'm not likely to ever have my first taste of lobster.

    1. Why Sue?? Allergies?? Or just general dislike??


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