Thursday 24 August 2017

Staycation 2017....week 1

So I promised you some updates of what I had been up to over the weeks that I have been off.

To be honest the first week was a little mundane and involved mainly on catching up with housework though to make it a little more bearable I did go down to the allotment quite a bit for some fresh air and as always much needed weeding.

I didn't take too many ics whilst there though I did find a few I never got around to posting so here they are now!!

You can see from these first two pics that I have had some pretty horrific jungles to deal doesn't look like this now but I do need to get radical this autumn so that I have a better start next year!!

As always the fruit has done well...

So much better than I was at picking it...

Nothing went to waste always what I didn't manage to pick the birds thoroughly enjoyed!!

I was really leased with the cherries this year...not many made it home though...I ate most whilst I worked...delicious they were too.

As always the top fruit is doing well.

Though small here I have already started harvesting the pears and it won't be long now before I start harvesting the apples too.

Below is my allotment plum tree.

 I bought a victoria plum but it clearly isn't. The fruits are a lot smaller and a very deep purple when ripe. Any ideas what variety it may be?

I also managed to get a super of honey off the hives and get it spun....beautiful liquid gold as always!!


  1. No berries for us this year again but overall we had a good fruit year like you.

    1. No berries at all Sue?? Did the bushes not produce or did you get beaten to them?? Of course if I wasn't so terrible at reading this last year I would probably know the answer!! :-(


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