Thursday 26 October 2017


That is the amount of days...weeks....months...since I last's a much nicer and smaller number if I look at it in months!!

So why haven't I posted??
I really don't know...yes I've been busy with some stuff but not overly so....we had a wonderful family wedding....we've had some glorious family time...we have a new family member.....I haven't been too hot on staying on top of the allotment.....I am on another 'staycation'.....yep...not really that much to report to be honest.

I have been giving a lot of thought to my allotment...I don't want to give up the allotment but I have been thinking of ways to manage it easier so I can get the enjoyment back. Being on the committee was certainly an experience but I did loose my way rather a lot...I'm hoping that with some careful thinking I can get myself back on the right path and enjoy it once again in 2018.

The bees have done well this year....and honey sales have been up, up, up!! So much so  struggled to keep up with the spinning....A few extra purchases this year will make it a lot smoother next year.

So don't have much else to tell but will share a few pics with you.

Meet Sully, our newest family member,
he's 7 months old.

My pumpkins were the only squash that grew...
seriously??? who can't grow squash?!?!
The brassicas fought bravely against
the weeds!

The chard as usual gave plenty
of greenery.
The strawberries are still waiting to move
to their new location!!

Hope all of your gardens have done well over the past season....clocks move on Sunday...but don't'll only be another 8 weeks before the days start getting longer again!!


  1. Living comes first. Blogging is something different (but fun)!

  2. Using weed control fabric has been our best decision and freed up time for doing other things. For various reasons we have had very few opportunities to visit the plot for a few weeks now and without WCF the beds would have gone under,

  3. I hope you can identify what will put the joy back into gardening for you. Homework for the winter?


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