Thursday 28 March 2019

Eat, Sleep, Weed, Repeat.....

Well I was half way through writing this post when blogger decided to clear the lot...this makes me very unhappy as I now have to start again.....grrr...

So it as been an extremely busy week for me...not just on the allotment but also in the garden and at work too...sowing, planting, weeding,'s all been going on and I think I can honestly say that in all my years of having the allotment I have never felt so on tops of things and organised...of course there is time for everything to go wrong but right now the weather is cooperating and things are in a happy place!!

So lets start in the greenhouse!

You an just see the seedlings starting
to poke through.

The bottom shelf is slower but the compost
is moving as the seeds sprout!
As you can see I have lots going on in the greenhouse.
I will go through what I have sown....

Top Shelf.

Black Kale, Greyhound Cabbage, Golden Cabbage.
Calabrese, P.S.B., Cauliflower.
Popcorn Fiesta, Spaghetti Squash.
Golden Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Gardeners Delight.
Mustard, Quinoa, Celeriac.
Aubergine, Chilli Peppers, Bell Peppers.
Back Cumin, Black Mint, Mexican Tarragon.

Bottom Shelf.

Runner Beans.
Ying Yang Beans, Climbing Blue Lake, Mange Tout Broad Beans.
Cucumber, Marrow, Pumpkin.
Larger Pumpkin, Courgette, Butternut Squash, More Cucumbers.

So I think that's about it for the sowing...oh...I do have a big tray at the back which I have sown some 'Beef & Onion Plant' seeds in...never grown these before and as yet they haven't germinated so I'll keep you posted on that one!

Weedy and strawberry plants still
to be transplanted.
As you can see this was quite a lot to tackle...didn't manage to get the whole half sorted at the weekend but....
The potatoes are in the ground!! 

I haven't grown potatoes the last few years but decided to go for it again this year and after weeding, digging, raking, covering they are all in.

I have two rows of new potatoes and three rows of main crop. I have gone for my much loved 'Nicolas' for my new potatoes and...errmmm...I'l get back to you on the main crop as the name escapes me although it's not a variety that I have grown before but it said they were great for roasting, chipping and mashing!!

Going  over that old strawberry patch was tough going as it hasn't been dug for so many years...hard work but incredibly satisfying!!

So what else....

The other half of the allotment.
Well this is the other half...a few weeds coming through here and there but not too bad at all and I will be getting those sorted ver the next week or so before it gets too bad...under the netting are brassicas from last year nut they didn't do too well though I think that is as much due to bad management as last years weather.

I also got other bits done but right now I am running out of time so I will get back to you all with the other things that have been going on in a few days....right now the sky is clear..the sun is shining...and I have to go and do some shopping though I would much rather go and spend some more time down the allotment!!

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. It's all looking good. You've been very busy

  2. Oh you raver you!!! Glad you have found some room for celeriac...

    1. Me too...not sure I'll get anything out of it though Mal...are you growing it this year?

  3. We feel the same about seeming to be more on top of things this year, we are just waiting for the curved ball.

    1. No curve ball Sue...we are going to have wonderful growth and everything is going to go just as planned with bountiful harvests for us both!!

  4. I always wanted a greenhouse. I should talk my neighbor into putting one up with me.

    1. You really should Ratty, I love mine...I often wish it was bigger...or that I had a polytunnel but I make do and I'm glad I have somewhere to give my seeds a good start!!


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