Wednesday 10 July 2019

An entire month....

Well it was by no way intended but it is an entire month since I last's not like I don't like blogging any more it's just that every time I get to sit down I fall asleep....maybe it's old age?!?!?! you all know I was very proud of myself for where I had got too with the allotment...but as is always the case things ran a little from beautifully tidy I went to gangly and weedy very quickly!

Why is it that the weather is always just to perfect for the weeds no matter what it does? I guess that's a long discussion for another time...I have a few fun musings on that one!!

Anyway....I did take my camera with me several times to the allotment....but i think I need to have a realistic 'This is it now' post rather than dwelling on how wonderful it was a while back...are you ready?? It will probably make you all feel so proud of your own gardens and allotments!!

Hhhmmmmm....they don't seem to be on the camera card....I'm sure I took some....just need to go get the phone and check.....did find some pretty cool pics....but the areant recent....not even sure I [osted them.....oopppsss sorry for the ramble...hang on.....

That is sooooo bizarre, the pics aren't on my phone...hang on...will go through the camera card a little slower....maybe I missed the pictures among all the weeds!!

Its okay...I found them...aren't you pleased! :-)

From this angle I can actually pretend it's
not too bad!

But you can see here it isn't great!
This is before,


and after!!!
 Now doesn't that look better...unfortunately it was hardly the worst part of the allotment!


To be honest I could keep going...mostly with before pictures though as I still have a way to go...honestly I think the weeds grew up like this in just 4 can't be much longer as I haven't been told to sort my plot and they are inspected every 4 weeks!!

So I am getting through it and have so far filled three green wheelie bins.

On top of that I have also been sorting the bee plot but that is a post for another day....and I will try and go with 'day' this time as opposed to month...or even week....I have so much to catch you all up on that I can probably write two posts a week for the rest of july. Will also try to catch up with some of your blogs too.

Stay smiley!!

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  1. Weeds do grow behind your back very quickly in the current weather.


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