Thursday, 18 July 2019

As nature intended...

So...I didn't get tp posting quite as quick as I'd hoped and still havent got too much done down the allotment that is making a big difference so just thought I'd share a visitor that stopped by for a spot of lunch.

It swooped right down and plucked the sparrow out of the tree in my back garden...was an amazing sight to watch and sorry if there are any squeamish on here that don't like the sight but this is as nature intended for survival.

Stayed a good 15 minutes until my idiot cat thought it was big and hard and pranced down the garden...and this point he took off with his meal to finish it elsewhere in peace.

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  1. We once had a similar incident when I looked of the dining window and a young bird of prey refrained from it’s lunch to stare back at me.


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