Sunday 19 January 2020

Polytunnel Ponderings

Well it's been a while since I posted but I feel I really want to get back into keeping up with my blog this year...Life doesn't get in the way but it's important and so at times things need to take a back seat whilst you get back on track and unfortunately my blog (along with my allotment much of the time!) was one of them.

This year I want to really get back into it...I love the outdoors....I love growing and I love writing so I'm hoping that I can bring everything back together this year and make 2020 positive for myself.

Beautiful Sunrise
The days are slowly getting longer and with sunrises like the one above how can we not appreciate what we have!! big thing for this year is that I am going to get a polytunnel....I have always liked the idea of one and the thought that it would extend my growing period...but not only that will allow me to spend productive time on the allotment even when the weather isn't great.


Firstly I am checking that I am okay to get one...I don't see why not as there are already several plot holders with tunnels...secondly check the size...I have measured the space and can comfortably have an 18ft by 30ft tunnel. I have a whole plot but on two separate halves...I'm okay with this though as it will make it easy to have in and outdoor veg.

By going 30ft long I can still keep my greenhouse space where it is and give my fruit trees plenty of growing room....I will also have some space each side of the tunnel to plant out, this means that in years to come if I decide I don't want so much planting space I will still have some outside planting space.

So that's all the boring stuff I just need to decide where to purchase from...I have been having a look on the internet and it seems that if you go up to 18ft wide they fall into the 'commercial' category and so the price jumps up tremendously....if that is the case then I think I may just got for 16ft wide...I have found one 18ft wide but it isn't straight sided so I don't actually gain the two foot inside planting space so there doesn't seem much point to that.

I still have time to keep looking around but if anybody has any useful places for me to look then I would really appreciate the help.