Tuesday 25 February 2020

Seeds for 2020

So I had a week off last week and although it was a very busy week I did manage to get down the allotment for a few hours.

I didn't do anything on the actual ploy....very windy and very wet...but thats okay as my first visit was purely to sort out what seeds I had so I would know what I needed to order for this year.

My seeds are kept in my greenhouse in some wonderful seed storage containers I got for gifts a few years ago.

These seed tins are great...protect the seeds from frost,
light and little critters. I need two to be able to store
everything!! I love the fact that I can put the seeds
in to separate compartments!!

Polly came with me to the plot
as I didn't want to leave her home.
She was very happy sat in the
chair watching the birds!!

Just a quick pic outside the greenhouse..thought
it would be good to show you the location
in which I will put the polytunnel!

I have quite a few 'multi-pack' seeds.

These all came from the pound shop..great value
for money!!

They often give me the chance to grow something
 I usually wouldn't and I have  always had good
germination rate from them...great if you are
on a tighter budget or just want a little more

There are also a few flower seeds, I don't put
flowers in the allotment very much but do
like a good selection for at home!

I took pictures of the multi packs as it was so much easier than writing them all down but also in my trusty gardening book I have a list of all the other things I have for planting this year (I would show you a picture but things are scrawled in it very badly so I doubt you'd manage to decipher it!!). I am very well equipped this year and only need peas and runner beans....this is great as it means I can get a few more unusual bits which I like to do each year...this year even more so as with the poly tunnel I will be able to grow stuff which needs a little more warmth!!

So the newbies for this year are going to be; Crystal Apple (squash), Honey Bear (squash), Lady Di (runner bean), Jewel (aubergine) and soya bean.

Have you got any new things you are planting this year??

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  1. Your post makes me excited for spring to get here. We have another month before it begins to warm up enough for that here.


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