Sunday 9 February 2020

Storm Ciara comes to visit

Let me start by saying...I HATE THE WIND!! We all have those things that bother us and the wind is mine....It's an irrational fear...I know that but not one I can control unfortunately.

It's the possible destruction that comes with it that bothers me I think...I spend my time listening to it howl around thinking 'This, that and the other' could happen...silly really...its not going until it decides it's had enough but that doesn't stop the way I feel....I think I should live in a bubble where the wind cant penetrate and I can feel safe and secure....a fantasy I know....but hey ho.

I suppose it could be so much in the midlands when storms finally reach us they have lessened in strength greatly....for that I am grateful!!

I didn't always used to be this way....I think it started after I spent half an hours one year about 15 years ago when I had to spend half an hour hanging onto the carport of the end struts had rotted through at the bottom and it kept lifting...thinking about it logically I think nothing was really going to happen and me hanging from it probably didn't stop anything...but it was attached to electric cables so there I was....hanging waiting for the winds to ease....which of course they did....and the carport is still there now...all these years later....steadfastly attached to the ground.

Next doors fence (dividing out two gardens)
making a bid for freedom!

So right now...I'm sat at home...trying to ignore the howls outside...knowing that the winds will solar panels won't rip my roof off and my conservatory wont end up in least I don't think that will happen....but irrationality does unfortunately not play nice with common sense!!

A little bit of temporary stability...
it has two chances of working??

The radio has told of trees down and fence panels going....fence panels both sides of me are an side has gone completely....the other side the neighbour and I have tried to give some support too but when I last looked the middle stay had sheared through so I'm not confident it's going to hold.

Next door the other side haven't been
quite so lucky...this isn't the fence that
connects our gardens but the next one

Oh well....I'm sure I'll still be here tomorrow....and you ...I live in the UK so I don't really have too much to grumble about when I listen about much of what is happening with the weather around the world.

Oh....I forgot in my temporary insanity....this is an allotment blog....took a stroll by the allotment this morning whilst battling the winds with the dog and everything there looks fine....Beehives

were still standing....shed still standing....greenhouse intact. I never leave stuff lying around so providing everyone else has got everything weighed down and shut down well things there should be good....but as the winds aren't supposed to ease until this evening I suppose tomorrow will be the best time to check it over again....for now I have done one I can done and I now sit the storm out and hope.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. I'm right there with you on the wind. I always tend to get an uneasy feeling when there are high winds.

  2. When I was teaching the children were always unsettled when it was windy. Maybe some primeval instinct?

  3. Did you get hit again with the second storm? So sorry the winds give you so much stress. I know how the mind can mess with us; if I can hear the wind I feel colder even if the temp is the same.

    Spring is coming!


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