Wednesday 29 April 2020

One day at a time.

Well...I feel kind of bad for not posting but it really wasn't that long after my last post that things started to go a bit 'tits up' for us all.

I do hope this finds everyone safe and well.

things have been slow to start in this crazy new world...of course I don't have a polytunnel...I didn't get an easter vacation...I continue to work and life goes on if in a new and very different way.

The lockdown hasn't made that much of a difference to me really...I'm happy in my own little world and the kids live far enough away that I don't miss them too much by just chatting on the phone and facetiming them...but with queues in town and shopping for more than one household its time consuming and in the beginning draining but I have learnt to take my 'switch' to town with me so even that doesn't faze me any more...the abnormality has become the normality and I will be fine with it until things calm down and do what I can for anyone that needs help.

That being said it meant I got way way behind on the allotment and with new rules in place my niece can't come down and I couldn't borrow the allotment rotavator so needless to say it was a least this year I had a legitimate reason for it though!!

Anyway...a rare thing happened this week...I had three consecutive days off in a row and no appointments to attend and stuff so I made a date for my diary and promised I would get something done down the plot.

Start of Day 1

This is where there should be a polytunnel!
As you can see it's just weeds and a few leeks!

Not a single thing sown in the greenhouse.

And the only thing this is feeding is the bees!!

Safe to say as is usually the way with me I had my work cut out for me. Now originally I was going to put up daily posts but to be honest I was so knackered at the end of the day I just wanted to veg out on the sofa...after all I was getting home about instead you are getting everything tonight.

End of Day 1

Borage bed weeded and borage retrieved and
replanted in the place I want it.

Tubs round greenhouse weeded out and
ready for new seeds.

Gravel weeded so it all looks tidy for passers by.

Top plot more bee food!!
Now I'm not trying to win any prizes here...just want to get on top of things so to speak and update you all on exactly where I am at...during all this I have been keeping on top of getting the bee plot mowed and done quite a lot of sorting out over there but that will have to be shared in another post...maybe at the weekend.

End of Day 2

2nd half mowed over...yep....I mowed it!!!
I'm not superman (unfortunately) and I only had three days.
A mow over got rid of all those nasty seed heads and let that
rain get down to the ground so it will hopefully be easier to
tackle at the weekend!!

1st half all forked over and loosened ready
to be rotovated.

I got seeds in the greenhouse!! You wouldn't
believe how happy this makes me!!

End of Day 3

As you can see above and below...take the picture from different angle and you can see that there is still a lot of work to be done...but it's doable...and I'll get there...and I now feel in a better place to tackle it all!!

First half of the plot!!
So...that very last picture makes me very happy. I can't take it all the credit though...another plot holder who lives just a couple of doors away from me has been furloughed so got a lot of time on his hands and his own rotavator so went over it a couple of times and then I put my paths in place. I am so grateful to him and am now in a place where it will be easy to dig and weed put the missed its and also get my potatoes in this weekend...there are lots of potatoes kicking around where the rotavator went as I didn't get them dug up last year...but that post will be one for the weekend so watch this space.
Stay safe