Saturday 16 May 2020

Greenhouse Growings.

So there is something happening in the's so exciting....

All sorts of Legumes

A few squash

Tomatoes and aubergine...they're small
but definitely there!!



Come on can do it!!

Squash and Legumes's the runners!
So with seeds planted in the plot and things germinating in the greenhouse I really fell like i'm starting to get back on track. Still some clean up to do on the allotment but not quite so daunting now and should be even better again by the end of the weekend which is when I will post some pictures!


  1. So much life and future promise there.

  2. Everything looks like it's off to a great start. I would love to plant some tomatoes this year but I know the rabbits will get them.

  3. Going great guns! I sowed my sweetcorn yesterday!

  4. It’s an exciting and anxious time when things start to grow

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