Sunday, 20 August 2017

Just one left!!

Yep just the one...of course I'm talking weeks off work...I actually have had four weeks off already and I just don't know where the time has gone....I have been using my holiday time very wisely though and I am quite pleased with my summer (and I use that term quite loosely!!) achievements.

I've been away for such a long time I don't want to bombard you with info and then not be back for a while so I will write about the last four weeks in four separate will be easier to digest, make the post less wordy and also enable me to get some pictures sorted too.

It's not just my posting I haven't done's anything with the computer in general but that has changed a little today and I have been catching up with you all though I haven't comment as I've would have taken so much longer...and besides...who really wants comments turning up on posts they wrote two months ago!!

so this was just a little 'Hi' really....just to let you know I'm still is busy as always....and I really feel that I would like to write which is why I will be getting some posts done....for now though the best thing to leave you with are a few pics....will just grab a couple off my phone....
This is in fact an allotment, a very unkempt
one but at least you know what I was up
A very worn out Robin who visited my greenhouse,
he was so bedraggled you could barely
 see his redbreast!!
So that was just a random two...but of course I can't leave without sharing a Polly just doesn't seem right!!

So here's Polly...charging through the crops, yes I know it's
only half of her but have you ever tried to get an action
shot of a spaniel on your phone camera??
Gotta love those ears!!
Hope you all have been having a good summer.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

A fruitful year.

So I went to the allotment last night to water the greenhouse and got happy with the camera but by the time I had sorted paperwork and all that stuff it was 11:00pm so i didn't get a post done last night.

Off shopping this morning which is one of my pet hates but hey ho...we have to eat and unfortunately I can't grow everything!!

Anyway that's besides the point....just thought I'd share some of the fruit with you....I have been slowly picking at the soft fruits but think by the weekend I will be able to harvest in earnest...take a look.

My autumn raspberries are always ready
in summer!!

The strawberries are managing to hold their
own in the little wilderness.

Mental currant bushes!!

Gooseberries ripening nicely.

I always love the way redcurrants
look like perfect glass beads.

Can't wait to make some blackcurrant

I never really know what to individually do
with the whitecurrants, what do you do
with yours??

So that just leaves the blackberries to ripen, I have
plenty dotted around the plot and do love
my bramble jelly!!

So that's the soft fruits covered. I have some gojiberries in the greenhouse but they won't be ready to plant out until next year. I would like a few more soft fruits....anybody got any that I don't have which I could grow. Obviously I need them to flourish outside in the lovely U.K. summer!