Monday, 25 May 2015

It's all about potatoes!!

So I went down the allotment yesterday afternoon and finally got in the main crop potatoes.

main crop potato bed. King Edwards
Main crop potato bed, King Edwards.
So above you can see how lovely it looks. Believe me it took some time getting it to this particular state. It was very weedy and solid when I arrived so had to be dug, rotorvated and manured as the potatoes went in but it is now done if maybe a little late. I'm not worried though, they will grow and I am hoping for a wonderful crop of King Edwards at the end of the summer.

New potatoes, Nicola.
New potatoes, Nicola.
As you can see the new potatoes are doing well and I will get them 'hilled up' this week some time as I choose not to hill my potatoes up until after they have come through. I find this helps keep on top of the weeds and means they don't go astray of the hills.

Whilst there id also did a little breaking up of earth in the brassica bed in preperation of weeding and planting.

I also had a close look at a couple of the fruit trees.

Damson tree
Damson tree

Cherry Tree
Cherry Tree

Pear Tree
Pear Tree

All the trees have set fruit now, some more than others so I will be keeping an eye on them and possibly thinning out the fruit as I think the pear tree especially has far too much fruit on it and I don't want to risk the branches splitting!!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Re-discovering the Bee plot pond.

Well as eve it has been a while for me posting but I am just going to get on with things and try and sort out some decent posts from the pics. I have.

First off I am taking you back not too far...just to Friday 22 May in fact when with a little help from the Boy and Trojan we again found a pond on the bee plot!!

overgrown pond
As you can see the pond area had got
a little out of hand. I like to leave
long grass round the edges when I
cut it bit it had gone a bit too wild
so measures had to be taken!!

bee hives, long grass, natural habitat
Here you can see the bee hives...well just!
These have been left with the long grass
to offer some protection from the elements
and a sense of privacy for the bees.

bird bath, bugs, messy water.
I think the bird bath could do with a
bit of a clean up!! I rather like this
photo though!

teenage help...or hindrance!?!?
Here is the boy hard at work, he was unaware
that I took the photo from inside the shed!!

Pond, wildlife, wind chimes, recycling
So here is the pond area all tidied up. I
didn't make it too tidy though but you
can now see what is around. A little more
tidying may be done but not too much.

Trojan, German Shepherd Collie x
Of course Trojan loved his time with us. Dogs
have to be kept 'under control' at the allotments
so he was tethered but had plenty of length
although he did tie himself up a couple of times!

honey bees.
Seens as we were at the bee plot I
thought I should get at least a couple
of bee photos. These two are just about
to go foraging.

Artificial swarm in nuc box
Of course I wasn't kitted up so
didn't go deep into the hive
but here is a pic of the bees
I split last week.
So that's it for this post...I figure short and sweet is best!! Come back tomorrow for a celebration or two!!