Monday, 11 August 2014

Bertha, be gone..... can just go and leave us alone now!!

I should say that everyone has heard about Bertha in one way or another...starting out as a hurricane and then slowing down to storm standards as it travelled.

Luckily I suppose we were only hit by 'Bertha the strom' but i have had enough of it now.

Yes that rain was welcome for the land....but the amount of rain in such a short space of time has created problems in many areas.

Where I live we aren't prone to flooding but when the rains come as heavy as they did the drains struggle to manage for a while and the earth struggles to suck it in so we are left with some huge puddles and streets that...well I'll just show you....

Flooded streets of Barrowby
My parents moved to a riverside dwelling.

Flooded streets watering the verges.
Flooded streets watering the verges.

Taking a stroll down the road?? River!!
Taking a stroll down the road?? River!!

So as you can see...the heavy rain really did flood the whole street for a while. Trojan initially tried to jump OVER the road but when he only managed halfway drenching by him and me in the process he decided it wasn't so bad after all and strolled down the centre of it instead!!

The water didn't last long...once the rains eased and the drains could again cope it started to recede and it never does any damage to properties for which we are very thankful...none the less it's a sight to behold on the rare occasions this does happen.

These photos were taken last Friday...we have since had heavy rains again and repeats of this as well as some serious wind which isn't doing the fruit trees much. I have no doubt the the water will be good for the crops...however I was perfectly happy with our dry hot summer and hope that this doesn't mean the end of it!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Bee plot update and birthday Prezzies!!

So again it has been a while since I last posted but this time I can tell you that I have truly been a busy little bee!!

Summer break for the schools started two weeks ago which means it also did for me and I have used the time wisely getting things sorted and in place and I am now actually quite proud to share some allotment pictures with you.

Today it will be the bee for any new readers or for those that just want a little reminder just go here for a reminder of what things were like just a year ago and then revel in the wonderful pictures of what I , (with plenty of help from Juliette I might add...oh and of course Annabel and Elysia too.....) have achieved for the bee plot so far. It isn't totally finished yet but I have to say I am really pleased with the way things are looking so far!!

P.S., Busy weekend ahead so I will be catching up with you all at the end of it and showing you the veg side of the allotment plot too!!