Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rainbows and raindrops

rainbows in the east
Rainbows are one of natures
natural beauties.

rainbows in the east
You don't always get to
see a full one.

raindrops on the window
Of course to see a rainbow you
have to see the rain....

Beautiful sunsets
........and the sun...this time with a wonderful
glow as it set to the west.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rockery redo and a bit on the plot.

So the weekend as usual hasn't gone exactly as planned. I did manage to get the ground looking lovely and the new potatoes in so that is one weight off my mind.

As usual I have planted my favourite 'Nicola' potatoes but also in the allotment shop I saw some 'Ratta' salad potatoes, I have never seen or heard of these before so I bought ten tubers and put them in the ground too.

Apart from the potatoes  I got some weeds pulled and the bee plot got it's first haircut...I don't have photos of any of that although it isn't that exciting anyway.

I also tackled the rockery in the had started to resemble a jungle,

rockery jungle
rockery jungle
As you can see from the photo above three plants had taken over and there was no definition left and an awful lot of weeds...however just an hour later....

rockery, rockery plants.
A rockery with room for more alpines.
Don't you think it looks so much better?? Today I did intend to get a bit more done up the allotment it has been so cold that I decided to give it a miss so instead we popped down to Homebase to get some much needed compost, some shallots that I want to have a go at growing this year and some alpines for the rockery. 

The shallots that I found at homebase all had one or two in the bags that were rotting so I asked at the till for some money off and got the bags at half price so I was quite pleased with that.

The rockery plants were put straight in...I probably should have remembered the names but really can't...I just hope they grow well and add a little more colour over the summer.

Apart from that not much has happened over the weekend although we did dog sit today for our neighbour...Eva has Labradoodle (Basically a golden Labrador, standard poodle x) who isn't quite a year old. 

Labradoodle Suny and Collie/Shepherd Trojan
Suny and Trojan
Suny is a good boy and him and Trojan get on really well.

Suny and Trojan playing in the garden
Suny and Trojan playing in the garden
So even though it has been a chilly day and I didn't get to the allotment we have had some fun with the animals and it has been nice to relax for a bit.

Hope you have all had a good weekend too.