Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Grapes are goners!!

Just a quickie tonight as I've been catching up with some of your blogs and it's now quite late!!

Remember the overwhelming grapevines I told you about??

Yep...there they are in all their untrained and unrefined glory....like the triffids, trying to take over the plot!!

And here they aren't!! See the green bin at the end?? I had to climb in it and jump up and down rather vigorously four times to get the vines in but I did it and now the space is tidy and weed free!!

Now all I have to do is decide what will occupy the space in the future. I am after something low maintenance and tameable. An edible hedge was mentioned so that's something to look into...amy other ideas??

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Alnmouth Beach

So this year we went to Alnwick in Northumberland for our holiday. We had a lovely week there with lovely weather and I have lots to share with you about it but right now it's late so I am just going to share a few pics of walking on Alnmouth Beach.

This was the third time Trojan and Louie had visited the beach and they still weren't keen on the see...we only managed to coax them in to get there feet wet and as soon as a wave came that was it...they were gone!!!

however when we got a bit further up the beach and we found some rock pools in a small inlet Trojan was in his element. Without the threat of the waves and moving water he enjoyed exploring, jumping from rock to rock, enjoying all the different smells and even going in the deeper pools!!

The beaches were lovely and clean and dog friendly with lots of other dogs for Louie and Tro to meet and greet. This wasn't far from Alnwick at about 4 miles and the closest beach to us. It was a shame that it was so far away and the access to it was via a road which often did not have pavements so I had to wait until Hubby was about to drive me. Certainly well worth the wait though and the dogs had a whale of a time!!