Saturday, 6 February 2016

February 2016

Well February rolled in pretty much the same way January rolled out....grey, windy, sunny, wet, damp, miserable, cold....yep all in the same day!!

I took a few photos up the allotment...they aren't great as they were taken on my wasn't that I forgot the camera but when I switched it on I was told to 'Charge the battery' and it promptly shut down!! I really should check the meter more often!

The bug hotel is lost in the undergrowth...
but that is kind of the point!!

Wet and windy means the bees weren't out but a
quick look inside proved them to be still buzzing!!

The pond still has plenty of bug life in it...even in February!

It looks a bit bare this time of year but won't be long
before the flowers and herbs
start blooming again.

The shed stood up well to the winds and the felt is looking
great on the roof.

The chickens don't seem bothered by the weather.
A little blossom to brighten things up!
Not everything on the allotments has stood up to the winds...
this greenhouse gets a little more 'mangled' every time the
wind picks up. Such a shame as it was a really good
 greenhouse and been there many years.
I actually took more photos than this ...I didn't realise how many until I loaded the card up into the computer so I picked just a few.

Last week I found a slot on the laptop for the memory card to go directly into...and to think that all this time I have been hunting out the card reader...this is so much easier!!

Well I don't have a few other things to tell you about but will leave those for some future posts.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Not a happy chappy!!

My printer has given up the ghost...not that it really concerns any of you and it won't make a difference to me blogging and of course there is one that I can use should I be desperate to....but all that is besides the is such a nuisance and an inconvenience!!!

On the plus side all the ink cartridges were about ready to be replaced so I haven't lost out there.

But now I have to decide what to get...I hate getting gadgets...everything changes and you can never get what you previously had and then there are thoughts and opinions and 'what ifs?' and 'wherefores', Oh it's all such a big headache!!

Okay rant over. I did have a nice weekend...I don't usually do weekend plans as I like to just see what occurs but this week I did meet my friend Fi so she could help me pick new glasses, I have to admit though it was actually her four year old son Hector who saved the day and found me a pair...I will show you when I get them...I think I look Okay in them...another thing I hate picking out!!

So after picking the glasses Hector and Hetty came back to play for a while and we had a lovely time with train tracks, lego and ice lollies. You can't beat happy children and their's such a shame they don't stay young for long!!

Sunday was a lovely roast chicken with family and then finding out after several hours of internet searching and the Hubby saying 'Told you so' that yes the printer really has had it.

So how was your weekend? I hope no matter what you did or didn't do you enjoyed it!!