Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dog Owners/Parents please be aware.......

OK, this post is literally a SHOUT out to all dog owners and parents out there and all those who read and live in the vicinity or know of anyone who does or visits please pass on what I am about to write.

On Sunday morning I went to take Trojan for a walk around our local field. It is a lovely field In my village of Barrowby. The pre-school is held on the grounds as is a breakfast and after school club.

It also house the football teams and many matches and also the local cricket pavilion.

It was very nice of the Parish council a few years ago now to put up bins place all around the perimeter of the field so that when you clean up after your dog you don't even have to carry it all the way home.

The field is tended well, litter picked and it has wild areas left for the dogs to sniff around in and other wild animals to use for their homes and foraging.

So anyway as we were getting near to the end of our walk on Sunday morning i saw Trojan snuffling quite intently in the grass and when he lifted his head up he had something in his mouth.

I immediately told him to 'Come' and 'Drop' which he did for me and this is what fell out of his mouth....

2 inch lump of roasted meat with a 3 inch rusty nail through it.

I don't know whether you can tell from the photo but it is a 2 inch square of roasted meat with a 3 inch nail driven through the middle of it.

I thank my lucky stars that Trojan was good enough to bring it to me and drop it as if he had bitten into it he could quite easily have gone both through the top and bottom of his mouth.

This seems to me deliberate...after all something like this can't be done by accident. I am pretty certain it was placed for a dog to find but i shout out to parent too as it is a play area for children and a nail protruding up as this was could have done serious damage to a child's foot had they stepped on it and i dread to think what damage it could cause if a child fell on it.

The offending item was found in the cut grass at the edge of the field where it is left a little longer than the grass of the football and cricket pitches so was easily concealed and would only be 'sniffed' out by a dog, or found by a child that became injured by it.

I have informed the local police but there isn't really much they can do except try and make people in the area aware and I'm not sure how they will do that so this is why i am telling you about it now and encouraging you to keep other people informed.

Sorry it wasn't the nicest pot in the world but I hate to think of someones child or dog becoming injured because there are those out there that do this sort of thing!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pretty poppies by Annabel.

pretty wild red poppies

pretty wild red poppies

pretty wild red poppies