Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Little landscaping.

Well my Dad has decided to give his garden an overhaul and make it low maintenance as he just doesn't have the energy of flexibility that he had a few years ago.

I have been giving him a hand with this and we started on the back garden...obviously we aren't professionals but we are really pleased with what we have achieved....see what you think.

Low maintenance grass.

Around the greenhouse too.

In this one you can see a few ripples
but with a little advice we got
those sorted.
This is now a lot easier for my Dad to take care of and Trojan and Louie love it!!

We didn't stop there...we have started on the front too. All the ideas were my dad's, I have just helped out implementing them....

So this is what it looked like a couple of weeks
ago as you approached my Dad's garden.
A driveway has been put in (not by us though, we aren't
that good!) and this took over half of the largest lawn.
To the right of the driveway my Dad decided
to lay slate as he liked the idea of the contrast.
He has picked some grasses to plant within
the slate.
The idea for the base of the plum
tree is to raise the base of it
with some bark .
So what do you think so far?? There is still much to be done, some of which has already been carried out but when we have completed it I will show you the finished product!!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The longest week!!!!!

So it's been a while since I posted and sorry about that but Trojan was really ill. First we thought it was just his colitis playing up but two trips to the vets later and he was still no better. It did get to the stage where he was so totally drained that we had to help him stand, walk and get in and out of the house. It resulted in hospitalisation and some very worried family and friends. Thankfully iv meds and fluids did the trick and he is now 100% himself again and we are one very relieved family who are very grateful to all the veterinary staff that took great care of him.

Of course whilst all that was going on we still had lives to get on with but wherever possible hubby and I worked in shifts leaving the house and we got dog sitters in too....nothing but the best for our Tro.

I did some queen marking for some fellow bee keepers, carried out some swarm control, moved the greenhouse and also got some planting done.

Of course all these activities could have been photographed to make this long awaited post exciting and visual...let me just check the camera to see what I have got......okay, I have nothing to back up what I just told you but have a little randomness,

Bantam eating some Drone brood.
Yes it's a chicken pecking at live bee larvae....and why not!! This was actually sent to me by a fellow beekeeper. If you'd like to know why you could check it out here. If you aren't that interested then I haven't wasted time explaining myself!!

The weathers is pretty awful today but I was on the allotment shop anyway and I had decided to have a pretty laid back weekend....can you believe that another week and we have a bank holiday weekend?? I also get a week off as it's whitsun so maybe it will give me time to sort out the new greenhouse.

Talking of the new greenhouse....anyone know the best place to get replacement glass??

I will be back with a more scintillating post and some pictures before the end of the weekend...promise!