Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Staycation 2017...the final week....5

Well my last week off work was really busy and I am happy to say much of it was allotment orientated so actually fits in with the blog title for a change!!

So what have I been up to...well harvesting lots of stuff....beans of various varieties and fruits mainly.

The victoria plum tree was stripped and then the produce I collected prepared in various's a few pics...didn't feel like being wordy today!!

Lots of lovely plum tomatoes

Many went into the dehydrator to
become tomato powder.

The rest were made into pasta sauce.

Here is some lovely Victoria Plum jelly and
syrup. Some fruit leathers and sorbet were
also made.

This is the first of the onion powder,
plenty more to come!

Bubbling away in the pots are
blackberries ready for some
blackberry syrup!
 I also put a few blackberries in the freezer whole....there are plenty more to come too.
You may wonder why I have onion and tomato powder? Well the onion powder is for me o add to dishes as I wish when cooking. The Hubby doesn't dislike the taste of onions but detests the texture and this way I get the flavour in without the fuss of him moaning.
I tried making tomato powder a few years ago and have never looked back! I love the versatility of's easy to store and takes up less room than any other preservation method and can quickly and easily be added to any meal to give it a huge hit of can also reconstitute it to make tomato juice or soup!!

I am going to try dehydrating and powdering some blackberries this year nephew is eager to see how well they go with milk....I do love a good experiment so I'll let you know how that one goes!!

I did take some time out Monday to go over to Melton Country Park with the Hubby and Polly on Monday and it was really nice...since then it's been pretty much work....but another two days and then I can get a bit more done on the allotments!!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Staycation 2017 weeks 3-4 I was going to post each week as a separate post but to honest with you time has run away a little quickly and besides which week 3 was a little mundane so probably wont take very long to catch everyone up!

So week 3 was home after hols which meant the usual mundane of catching up on washing and ironing and cleaning...there were a couple of family birthdays thrown in and also me realising that I couldn't put off decorating the kitchen and downstairs hallway any longer so I went on a paint hunt.

I did pick out some beautiful colour choices...limeade, jelly bean, a touch of silver, bumblebee...and a sort of lavender colour...all bright and glorious ...and not one to the hubbys taste!!

After this I made him go and pick colours...I wasn't overly bothered to be honest...I just wanted to get them he went with soft lime for the kitchen and duck egg blue for the hallway!!

There was also a little bit of allotmenting in there somewhere too!

So week 4 was then of course decorating....and pretty much a lot more decorating...I am so happy that it's done...the colours do look great.....

The kitchen has soft lime walls!!
The 'Duck egg blue' is a bit of a stronger colour
but is a lovely backdrop for my fairy plates and..
Is a lovely backdrop colour for Trojan and Polly's
picture. Thanks Jen, we love it so much!

There was a few other things that happened that week...a bee committee meeting which had a few good outcomes, a bit of time on the allotment (purely to clear my head!) some wonderful walking...oh and Polly had a photo shoot!!!
I am lucky enough to know John Perring of John Perring Photography and he came out walking with us and got some fantastic shots of Polly and I really couldn't be happier with the are just a few of the finished pictures,

Chilling out after the walk! 
 Fun in the straw!
A perfect pose.
I love my ball!!

I kind of picked a random selection from the walk so you can get the idea, I can't say I picked the best shots as I am having serious trouble deciding which ones I should have printed?!?!
John travels quite far to do his photography so if you're looking for a photographer then please bare him in is well worth it!!

So that was week 3 and 4...week 5 will be over as my head hits the pillow tonight so I will be sure to update you on the last week tomorrow...after I finish work of course.

Hope you've all had a great bank holiday!!