Saturday 29 February 2020


Well we are all so fed up with the weather right now so when I found these pictures from last summer I thought it would be great to post them....just a reminder of what is soon to come for us all!!

Fruit trees...yum yum!

Busy buzzy beehives!

More fruit trees.... enjoying the sunshine!

My first ripe saskatoon!!

I was so close to digging this up...

but was so glad I gave it a chance when
I noticed this leaf growing!!

A lovely shot of the plot from the beehives.
I think my broken bench gives it some character!!

As is the way every summer I
had to find the greengage tree....

Oh look....there you are!

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  1. Oh I do hope it is things to come as at the moment it seems that we are never going to be dry again. I know it’s a difficult question to answer but how would you describe the taste of a saskatoon


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