Saturday 13 December 2014

Let's have a conversation.

gedNot much else I can do really as it's not like I have been getting much done in the garden or on the allotment and it is once again such a long time since I sat down to write.

The weather has definitely hit winter these last couple of weeks but as yet we haven't seen any snow. I would really like a good covering of snow...not for me but for Trojan!! I am sure he would love running around in the white stuff and playing with snowballs and I was really hoping for some last year but it didn't happen....Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens with that!!

I have been pretty busy the last few weeks and with just under two weeks until Christmas I am ready for a break and a finishes next Thursday until the new year for both myself and my Hubby so it will be nice to get some time off together.

I am content in the knowledge that today I finished my Christmas shopping but I still haven't wrapped anything and at this moment in time I am not surrounded by Christmas decorations either...I am hoping to remedy that this evening though...I do love the glow of the Christmas lights I the evenings and I even enjoy the Christmas decorations for a short while!!

I haven't been feeling great the past few weeks but I keep muddling on..... I'm sure many of us get that way as we see less sunshine and I am ready for the days to start getting longer which won't be long now either.

I have been getting plenty of baking done and going on some lovely long walks with Tro. I like the cold frosty mornings best when we crunch over the fields as opposed to collecting them as we go and feeling 3 stone heavier with all the mud I have collected on my boots by the end of it!!

I don't really have any wish lists for Christmas apart from a long walking coat to keep me dry in the rain which my Hubby has bought me and already let me have so that I could stay dry and warm in some of the miserable weather we have had of late. I kind of like not having and Christmas wishes family are all great at picking things out for me and then it means I get lovely surprises on the day!!

I didn't mean for it to be so long between posts and I really wanted to get into writing for the bee blog too but when I sit in the evening my mind goes blank and that is me done....maybe with work winding down I will feel a little more into writing although I think I should start with the Christmas cards first...I bought them a few weeks ago and still haven't managed to post any....that is definitely something I need to get sorted.

So this evening it will be house decorating, present wrapping and tree decorating....then tomorrow it will probably be house cleaning but I am sure I will find time to snap a few pretty shots of the decorated house for you, So I guess it will be Monday before I think about writing a blog on Grantham Beekeepers although I know I have a meeting then for the allotment then we are taken into Tuesday and that is nearly halfway through the week.....and this is just how life has been for the last many wishes and so much to do but with so few hours in the day it is sometimes hard to keep up.

I guess all we can do is our best...and breathe and relax at times too!!!

Not entirely sure this was so much of a was really more of a waffle but I guess you area all used to that by now.

Hope you are all well and managing to find some time to relax!!