Saturday 16 May 2020

Greenhouse Growings.

So there is something happening in the's so exciting....

All sorts of Legumes

A few squash

Tomatoes and aubergine...they're small
but definitely there!!



Come on can do it!!

Squash and Legumes's the runners!
So with seeds planted in the plot and things germinating in the greenhouse I really fell like i'm starting to get back on track. Still some clean up to do on the allotment but not quite so daunting now and should be even better again by the end of the weekend which is when I will post some pictures!

Friday 15 May 2020

'Whack a mole' anyone??

So it's a couple of week since my last post and time at the allotment has been a bit hit and miss due to weather and work but I do believe I'm getting there.

Before I go any further I just want to thank the people that came by to read my last post and also those that commented's been so long I kind of forgot to publish the comments ...sorry about that.

So anyway...potatoes and some root crops are finally in the ground and I got some weeding done around the fruit bushes at the end of the plot near the shed. Things are starting to look a bit more like an allotment...well almost....

'Whack a mole' anyone??
So above is my potato patch...what do you think? Am I loosing it a bit?? Possibly...however I do have my reasons....

Potatoes potatoes everywhere!!!!
You see...this is last years potato you see all the potatoes?? I'm absolutely rubbish at digging them out....and then I spend years digging them out of beds I no longer want them in...but...depending on what is currently planted in that particular bed it is often easier said than done.

So I thought about not planting potatoes...but I do love home grown potatoes and that was when I remembered all the pots in my shed.

So i thought why not give it a go. It isn't a particularly easy or quick fix but if it works I'm happy to do it and look forward to easily harvesting spuds this season!

So once the ground was prepped I dug a whole and put the put in it...I then added some soil and one potato to each pot...I then filled with some more soil..(wow I wish it was a quick as it seemed whilst I was writing it!!).

I don't see why it shouldn't be successful but only time will the potatoes grow i will add some more soil to each pot. when I want to harvest some then I just need to tip the pot over and reap the rewards!!

There me be pro's and con's to this method which I will update you with over time but people do grow potatoes in containers but obviously not planted into the ground...if you're wondering why I planted them its so they can draw the moisture from the that I didn't spend a fortune filling them and so that I can still (hopefully) successfully rotate my crops.

As for the title of my allotment neighbour told me it looked like a huge 'Whack a mole' game from the fairground.

Strawberries are happily flowering and a few
fruits have already set.

I knew I'd put gravel down
That's all for now...stay safe everyone and do tell me what you's okay i can take the criticism and ridicule!!