Thursday, 27 April 2017

Progress was made a while ago.

Well it's getting late so I'm going to keep this short.

I took these photos back on Easter Monday which was actually my last day of vacation and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the progress made...these will sum it up for you...

The plot as it stands. a few crops are in and
at the far end the new strawberry bed is ready.
 There are some potatoes in here still from last year but these will be dug up and discarded hopefully this weekend. This is the third year in a row I haven't got the main crop spuds out the ground so I have decided not to plant any this year!!
This half section has been cleared and some
rethinking done.

This is the strawberry bed...honest!!
So the strawberry bed is as yet untouched though I will try and tidy it up a little ready for harvesting but at the end of the year this will move the other end and I have gone for Sue's idea over at 'Green Lane Allotments' and I am planting in weed membrane in order to keep the strawberry patch tidier.

Once moved I am keeping a good width path to walk along for harvesting and controlling the raspberry canes!

So these are the only dandelions left on the plot....they will be removed this weekend...though I have to say they gave me some great play time with the camera....let me share one of my pics with you...

Honey Bee!!

Of course they are the reason I grow dandelions on my allotment!!

I just want to say thanks for all your comments on my other posts....sorry I was so long publishing them and thanks for the greenhouse ideas...I will update that saga in a couple of days and also be sharing the other progress I have made too.

Have a great evening.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Greenhouse decisions.

So you may or may not have noticed that in one of my previous posts the greenhouse was in an upright position.
windswept no more.
This was once the fatality of storm however it is upright even if a little bent in is however definitely salvageable...the question is...Should I salvage it??

I will need to replace glass that got broken but I do think it's a worthwhile project and then I can have the second greenhouse that I want.

I would love your thoughts on what you would do with it....should it just go to the scrap man....or should I spend a bit of money and give it a second lease of life??

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Patios and payouts. I don't really have a's just a load of slabs laid in the garden...they have been down a lot of years and so I decided to give them a bit if a clean up.

Here is a before.....

and after....


As they are drying!!
It was a two step process, firstly I was on my hands and knees scrubbing them with soda and daz, then I hosed them down to remove all the debris. Polly of course thought this was great fun and go incredibly wet!!

A wet but happy Polly!
And the payout? Well there was s few seeds I needed to replenish for planting and I also needed some compost so I popped to Homebase as it's the easiest place to get to as we don't have to go into main town to get there. I got several packets of seeds and 3 bags of compost. I'm not picky on my compost...anything will do so bought what was's the seeds I purchased...

Seeds purchased.
 So that was 17 packs of seeds and three bags of compost...I was a little shocked when they asked me for just shy of £43 at the checkout. It really is cheaper to but from the allotment shop so next year I think I will get my seeds sorted sooner and save myself a bit of money by ordering with them.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Halfway....and a little beyond

So yesterday saw me halfway through my easter holidays and I am getting on well down the allotment.

I was actually going to post about this yesterday bt by the time I turned around to take some photos it was far too dark so I had to wait to get down there and take a few pics today....then previous plans took over so I'm still a little late tonight with my post...but anyway here is the progress...

The allotment is coming along nicely!!
So this is the first half...I haven't started on the second half yet but it is not as bad so I'm hoping it will be a little easier going. I'm not exactly sure what is sprouting there but it looks healthy so I left it to see what I can dig up!!

I will let you know that it was the 'cheats' way of doing things though....I simply
hoed and then tilled, I just didn't have the time to dig it all over and this has got the weeds down and I will dig over as and when I plant crops and in the meantime I will just keep the weeds down!!
That's all for now!!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Wonderful British Weather....

So my two week holiday started yesterday...the day dawned gloomy but warm and first thing on my holiday agenda was a lovely long walk with Polly!
Polly always get good walks and plenty of exercise but it's nice when I'm not tied to a schedule and can meander along and take in the countryside a little more.

The walk was great and when we got back I sorted dinner out and we ate...just something simple before settling with a cuppa. My idea was to enjoy a few chapters of my book with a cuppa whilst my dinner settled and then off to the allotment...then I remembered I live in England....

Rainy Afternoon.
Yep, you've guessed absolutely poured down with rain!!

It didn't start that bad though...first of all it was really light 'misely' stuff so I decided to go to the allotment anyway...I even got a few pics so I can show you just how bad it is.

I don't think they need any explanation. It simply is a mess...though I know it won't take long to sort out. With the rain I thought I'd have a look and jot down what seeds I need for this year...surprisingly I don't need that many so that was quite a nice surprise...I did think as the weather was bad that I would get some seeds sown but that was when I found out that I was totally out of the visit really was a bust and I went home!!

I did actually manage to get a little done today...first port of call was sorting out the glass from the greenhouse that will no longer be. The good glass was stored in the shed...(at least I have plenty of spare panes now) the broken glass taken home and disposed of safely, the shed sorted out, the slab path sorted and a few weeds pulled!!

I will get down again tomorrow and get a little more done over the next few days and at the weekend show you my amazing progress (at least hope I will!!)

Well thats about all I have for you in this post...pray for good weather for me over the next few days!!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Spring is in the air....

It really is...we had a glorious day here yesterday...and one last weekend too. The weather is pretty sporadic at the minute but I'll take what I can get!!

So although we've had a few good days I haven't yet done any work on the allotment...I did manage to get a bee inspection done which was enlightening to say the least..and I've got some stuff done in the garden so I am feeling quite happy about that.

First..lets go to the garden.

So you all know about my package of bulbs and this spurred me into action in the garden...after all I had to find somewhere for them to go so I decided to go a little bit of re-vamping.

I decided to put them in the back flower bed along with lots of other plants which would come back or self seed yearly...this is what I have so far...

The start
So firstly I had to get the bed tidied up. It was a horrific mess with lots of weeds...a few plants but not many so once that was done I could really get to thinking. My garden, front and back, was kind of mismatched so I decided the best thing would be to move the plants from the front garden to fill this bed out nicely straight away and I could then think about my bulb placement.

The bed so far.
So this is what I now have. I really want a bit of a wild feel about it but I'm not very good at being haphazard in my planting but I will let nature take over from now on and self seed and see how it turns out. I'm quite pleased with it, all the plants came from the front garden and spread out quite nicely so all this cost me was a little time....hopefully in the summer I will have some nice colour...I think I do want to add a few more bits but I will look into that a bit later.

The front garden
The front garden though looking a little posh after it's first hair cut is now looking a little bare but this is where I am going to plant the annuals I sow every year..I'm hoping to be a little better at it than last year but also I won't be growing so many...and maybe a wider variety...just a packet of each to give a nice show.

Down the right hand side I am going to get a little lavender hedge going...I would like some heathers in too but I'm not sure how well they'd do here as the soil has quite a lot of clay and so holds the water...Anyone know of anything else I could plant that the bees would love be likes a wetter soil??

The Herb Patch
Whist I was at it I also gave the herb patch a bit of a tidy up. The bare part you can see between the green tubs will soon be full of mint again...I think at the end of the year I need to sort out the lavender here as it is very woody now with very little new growth...also the rosemary is going a little wild so I'm not sure if I should try and tame that up a little too. Should you cut back Rosemary??

So that's it in the 'sorting out of the flowerbeds'. Honestly I thought the post would be sure took me a long time to get the garden to this stage but it was time happily spent outside.

Oh, and sorry about the quality of the pictures...for some reason that right now I cannot fathom...I took them all from inside through the windows?!?!

Friday, 24 March 2017

A surprise package!

So ...quite a few weeks ago now the doorbell rang. I went down the hallway and I could tell it was the post lady on the other side of the door due to colours but I was a little confused as I knew that I had ordered nothing. I then thought that my neighbour was possibly out so the post Lady had come here...we often take parcels in for each other.

So imagine my surprise when I answer the door and the package was for me!!

Live Plants
Now this was a package that I had ordered and paid for A LONG TIME AGO!! it wasn't late arriving, just sent when the time was right and I had totally forgotten about it!!

Speaks for itself!!
So that was bulbs had arrived...I couldn't even remember what varieties were going to be in the packet so quickly opened them to have a look.

So there you have it...a lovely selection for me to play with. I have a few bulbs in the garden but not many and I wanted a little more colour and life at the beginning of the year so this was why I ordered them.

Of course once I received them I immediately thought about where I was going to put them which got me thinking about the garden and what should be done in a whole new way.

I'll share with you next week what went on in the garden since then!!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Cloudy Sunset...

Just because I liked the photo.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Garden Birds enjoying the sun.

I do love to see the birds in the garden...they don't hang around quite so much now as Polly loves to chase them. These few were enjoying a few minutes peace whilst she was sleeping inside one day though.

Can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that we see something other than the sparrows.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Twelve days of Christmas

Okay, so now I feel really bad. You see I have just unearthed these photos on my camera and this is a post I really should have got around to writing months ago.

Last year I decided to partake in Jo's 'Twelve Days of Christmas' (please follow the link to find out more about it if you are unsure what it is.)

I anxiously waited for my swap partner to be announced who happened to live in New Zealand. Her name was Kimberley and I had lots of fun shopping and wrapping for her. I sent my package off in what I hoped was plenty of time and also received a package from kimberley very early on in December which I put away safely until it was time for opening.

As I opened the gifts one by one after christmas it was lovely and I carefully put them to one side so that once I had finished unwrapping I could photograph them for a blog they are for you to see.

Here is what was in my package...
lets break it down a little.

Some wonderful staionary bits. I love to write
letters so these were very welcome..
so nice to add a personal

Some napkins, washcloth, mitt the for oven.

An absolutely glorious tasting tea, some chocolate
which obviously no longer exists. cocktail sticks
and cake cases.

A wonderfully smelling candles, some ribbons
for decorating and some motifs.

I received some truly wonderful gifts and I feel really bad that i totally forgot to blog about it. If I take part next year I shall make sure I write huge notes all over the house just to remind me...I mean how terrible to not even thank someone!! Kimberley was much more organised than me and did blog about the swap so if you would like to see the gifts i sent her then just pop over to her blog Creative Chaos and have a look.

In the meantime, Kimberley I am truly sorry that I did not blog about this so much sooner and thank you so much for being such a great 12 days of christmas swap partner. Oh and don't worry, I would not mind if you didn't want to partner with me for something again ..ever!!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A little bit of plotting.

So last saturday dawned bright and relatively warm so I decided to go up the allotment for a little while. My main desire was to give the bee plot a haircut which I achieved in record time and so had a cuppa afterwards and then set about cleaning up the greenhouse which I didn't get touched at the end of last year.

Talking of greenhouses...I had a little wind damage on the allotment when we had those greenhouse was just perfect...the other...not so much.....

 A 'flat' house!!

As  you can see above my newly purchased greenhouse from last year didn't make it through the storms. This was a real shame. I am thinking that something must have got blown across the allotment and hit the framework as there wasn't any glass in ti the wind technically should have whistled straight through. The frame was weighted down with some slabs to stop it moving. It's a shame but 'hey, ho', life goes on and all that. On the plus side I now have plenty of spare glass for repairs for my current greenhouse...always got to look on the bright side of things!!

Apparently I haven't got any better with posting...really need to keep working on that...I'm thinking I may be better writing my posts on a weekend and then scheduling them to publish through the week...I'm having some theories here...lets see if I manage to put them into practice and keep to it!!

Right now as I type I know I have posts to share.....I just can't remember what I have taken pics of....guess i'll have to go back through the camera and write a few more!!

Apart from sorting the greenhouse and cutting the bee plot I haven'y done anything else with the allotment. i am going to start on it in earnest over the easter vacation and then my plan is to keep ontop of things this year...I always have a plan....rarely stick to it but I like I always say, 'It's the thought that counts!!'

So I'm sure I'll need to purchase seeds and I know I need compost, I will slowly after much aching become summer fit in time for the sun to shine and the bees to buzz in earnest. They enjoyed the past weeks weather but are very quiet today. I really want to get in and give them a good inspection...but until the temperature warms up and the wind drops it can't be risked....I do hope it warms up enough soon!!

In my absence we also had Polly spayed. We didn't want any puppies and certainly didn't get her for a breeding machine to make us money so off to the vets it was.

She was a little star when she came home and now after two weeks is finally allowed off lead again.

Polly after 4 days.
Above you can see her wound, it has healed lovely and she was an absolute star with it not having to wear the collar even once!! Her fur is slowly growing back and she is enjoying being able to stretch her limbs over the fields once more!!

So in this post I don't really have much else to say...if I keep waffling I won't have anything to write to be published later in the week.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, 2 March 2017


So we have become mole victims!! They seem to be running up and down just outside my garden...I mean seriously...couldn't they have run a couple of inched to the right?? At least then they wouldn't be messing up the grass verge!!. Oh well, I guess I have to give them the fact that they kept them in a nice straight line!!. I will be taking the soil off the top and putting it into the flower bed but I'm not convinced they won't be back...any ideas on how to deter them??

Friday, 24 February 2017

Where did that go??

I am of course referring to the last two weeks!! I had a week off work and now I've been back at work a week and I can't believe the time has gone by so quick.

I wouldn't mind not posting if I had nothing to write but I Have plenty in my head to tell you (even though you may not want to!) but the time has just run away. I mean can you believe that it's March next week?? It really has gone fast this last two months.

On the plus side the days are getting longer again and as I leave work i can see it's a little lighter in the horizon which is a really nice sight!!

Today is lovely...beautiful in fact compared to yesterday's storm Doris, Hope everyone got through it mostly unscathed! I had to do a quick emergency repair to a fence before it a0 destroyed the neighbour's car and b)meant Polly could have an unsupervised walk.

Apart from that everything is fine at home though I have to admit to not going and checking out the allotment yet to see if there is any damage, I didn't see any beehives fly past the window and the wind was heading my way from the allotment so I hope they are all fine too...we have had worst winds and they have been fine so fingers crossed.

I have took the opportunity to get in the garden a bit this morning with the weather being rather was actually great to get out in the elements after being cooped up all day yesterday...I do hate being stuck inside all the least I hate it when you have no choice but to be stuck inside!!

Wow, all that and I still haven't really said anything..though to be honest all the other stuff going round needs breaking down into separate posts so it's noether long winded or gibberish. This I am going to attempt tonight after work...right now I am just sitting waiting for dinner to cook and the hubby to get home from work so thought I would touch base with everyone. I will however give you a brief list of what has been keeping me so busy!!

Housework...there's always plenty of that but some major cleaning was needed so I got on top of things last week but that kind of takes a lot of time...I find it very satisfying though!!

Polly...well she always keeps me busy...but it's always a wonderful busy and I do love the lengthy walks across the fields with her. She is great with her recall now so gets plenty of time off lead to run around and chase the birds!!

The bee course...this is running again this year and starts next week..eek...I'm not a student on it though but I am teaching one of the sessions...which I have yet to finish writing...just as well I'm not teaching the first course!!

Helping out a fellow beekeeper.

Garden remodelling.

Getting distracted but the life that is coming back with the seasons changing.

Postal deliveries!

Just spending time with family, I always make sure I have room for is after all one of the most important and my all time favourite things (That is when I'm not wanting to murder the children!!)

So there you have it...plenty to tell you about which I am going to tell you all in due course.

It's a bit wordy this post isn't it?? Hang on...let me get a few pics for you to look least it will be finishing on a less boring note!!

Okay, just snapped a few randoms for you.

Just one of the beautiful dozen Red Roses that the
Hubby sent me for Valentines!!

A beautiful and very sleepy Polly!

Crocuses are starting to bloom!

and the daffodils too, really letting us
know that spring is on it's way.

...and not forgetting our beautiful Alfie who so often
get's overlooked in my posts, 'Sorry Alfie'!!

Monday, 13 February 2017

A little history whilst you walk!!

Well I was thinking about what I could post one day whilst out walking Polly and then I got majorly incensed about something so I figured I would share with you all...oh and give you a little background history whilst I'm at it!!

First enjoy the little sets the scene in your mind.


So the video above is of something we villagers affectionately call 'The Football Field'
It is literally a 3 minute walk from my house and a great was around when I was a child and when my Dad was young too. This field was actually donated to the parish council by another villager many years ago with clauses in the contracts to say that it can never be built on and has to always remain a space for the benefit of the village to enjoy...probably not n those words but you get the idea right?? When I was a child there was a bmx track on it and I remember taking my sturdy little polo bike round the track. It has always been used for sporting events and the local teams play cricket and football here and it has been used in the past by the scouts and also for village events.

It is also a great place to walk your dog, plenty of open space, plenty of different ways to enter, lots of good smells and wildlife about...what more could a dog owner want right??

So after that wonderful description you may be thinking to yourselves...'What's the problem??'...well I'll tell you...other dig owners...the irresponsible ones.....those that think they have every right to ignore their dogs squats and leave it all over. This is a child'splaying field too...why cant't they just clean up after their animals...after all if you decided to own a dog you take the good and the nasty bits with it. I wouldn't mind so much but as you walk around the field exercising your dog in a safe environment you come across;
Dog  Bins
But the parish haven't stopped also find;

Dog poo bags.

Both of these items have been put in place by the parish to have a lovely space that both children can play safely and people can exercise their pets they are filled/emptied regularly. Yet so many think they are above using them and just leave feces on the play areas and in the longer areas which ar4e left to go wild for the wildlife around and about. I am a dog owner and I am appalled at the lack of responsibility that many dog owners exhibit.

I know this won't get people picking up after their pets...but I just wanted to let those of you that aren't dog owners  know that not all dog owners are  this irresponsible and that it seriously ticks us off too!!

Okay so rant finish off a few happy pics of Polly in the field!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Finding Myself...

Do you ever feel like that?? Like you've kind of lost your way a little...and maybe a little bit of who you are?? It's how I've been feeling just lately...I'm not entirely sure why...maybe I've been trying to live up to expectations...going a little out of my way to please others which isn't really who I am.

The problem is the more you do things that you wouldn't normally do then the more you keep doing it...the more you keep doing it the less of the real you there is left. I don't mean this to be a depressing post and yet i think it's coming over that way....but I'm not down...just the opposite....but I think I am only getting things back together now and remembering who I am.

I hate the fact that I've not been keeping up with my blog, and my gardening and knitting and other stuff I enjoy so I am going back to my basics...after all when I am happy then I am healthy and in control. I love organisation and I'be been losing that a bit lately as well so I am going to take back the aspects I love and drop those I don't and get myself back to my happy place.

It's been a long time coming but life is good right now..I have my health..and my family. These are the things that matter and with these things in my life I can move forward with a spring inmy step and organisation in my mind!!

That being said I have yet to start on the allotment but I am ready to get back into it and get things fact i am desperate for the better weather...I really hope we get a few decent days next week as it's half term and I can really get stuck in to both the garden and the allotment in preparation for the coming season.

I didn't get finished tidying up last year and the new greenhouse is still only a frame without glass but I'm not worried. I don't intend to make plans...just do what I can when I can and let the progress work at i's own pace and just be proud of any accomplishments I make.

I did pop down the allotment a couple of weeks ago on a rather sunny afternoon to have a quick look at the hives. Two were flying gloriously, the third was a little slow...could be a number of reasons for that but can't do anything about it with the weather still so cold....put some extra fondant in and cross my fingers is about as much as I can do with that one.

So enough waffling...I hope you are all well and I'm sorry for neglecting my favourite blogs for so fact I am going to peruse them as soon as I have finished writing this post but just before I go I will share a couple of pics with you as you have just read probably the most mundane post in history!!

Polly enjoying a bit of sunshine.
She is now just over 6 months old.
Bees enjoying the sun.

Enjoy your evening...I will be back soon...probably won't have much to say but you should be used to that by now!!