Wednesday 6 June 2018

Hhhhmmmmm.....Hello...anybody there??

Wow...i have been a bad gardener, a bad blogger, a bad writer and incredibly allotment looked more like a derelict pasture than anything....if there's anybody reading... (which considering the length of time since I last wrote i wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't!!) I will give  you a qucik peek....ready for it......

its an allotment..honest!
Needless to say a got a bit of a talking to from the committee and quite rightly so, I didn't mean to let it get like this. I had fully intended on sorting it at easter but the weather was so diabolical that there just wasn't chance and then life got incredibly there I was planning in my head when I would get on with things and then a car pulled over!!
I really should have got a letter but a quiet word fron the secretary had me making promises which I intended to keep...after all this time I did not intend to loose my beloved allotment.

So anyway, that was two and a half weeks ago...I haven't got it all done yet...along with my entire plot looking like this I also had the bee plot to sort as the grass was above knee high. I have been working on that ont too but will share that next time.

So what do I have now???....

Tada!! I have earth...and under that earth are seeds!!

I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself!!
So as you can see..still a lot to do but I am alive, well and pretty crackered from all the work I have put in so far.

I have more to plant but in order to do that I have more to clear but as of today I am going to try and keep writing and I will also share with you some of my exciting new crops.

Hope all my readers are well and that those of you who garden are having a less tiresome season than me!!