Wednesday 2 March 2011

Weather watch Wednesday...week 9....2/03/11

Well we don't seem to have been in 2011 for more than five minutes and already its March!!

The weather has been cold....VERY least that's what it feels like since I came home at the weekend...who'd have thought it would actually be warmer on the beach then inland?!?!?!

I am a little behind with posting and the blogs I follow but I promise to rectify that today! :-)

So temperatures have been between 3 and 7 degrees and I haven't seen the sun since I left the coast at the weekend. There has been quite a lot of rain but just the mizzly stuff. Today actually stayed dry!!

The garden is slowly coming back to life and I have primroses, pansies, crocus and heathers in daffodils are nearly there too!!

Been down the allotment and got in some Pepper seeds of various varieties, parsnip in peat pots and leeks.

Now we just have to wait a little longer to get the spuds in the ground!!



  1. I agree! It seems like in a blink, the month of March appeared! It is enough to leave your head spinning. There are so many things on the list to try and achieve, yet the clock ticks faster. I must remind myself of the "turtle", slow and steady. Blessings, Catherine

  2. The year does seem to be moving right along at warp speed. We've had sunshine here but the winds are very cold. No signs of flowers at all since there is still snow on the ground. It can't be much longer though

  3. It has got cold again, we had frost on the car this morning. I can't believe we're in to March already, it'll be Christmas before we know it.

  4. Cold here too but a bit brighter!

  5. We can finally see most of the ground here after tons of snow and ice storms. I can't wait to see what you do this spring. My mom and I are already planning a huge garden at her house.

  6. It sounds like we are all ready for spring...I'm even ready for summer...maybe I should live in a dome where I can control the weather to what I want then I could eliminate winter all together!!!

  7. When you create that dome please send me one!


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