Sunday 10 June 2012

Allotment tasks completed.

Well it's been a bit of a crazy week with the weather but the beauty of having a week off work means that I have been able to make the most of the few good hours we have had and although I didn't get all my planting finished I have done quite a bit of work and feel a lot more on top of's easier to just show you in pictures than waffle on about it too much so here goes!! (you can click on all images to see them larger).
robin redbreast
Although there weren’t many
people about I wasn’t alone.

broad beans, garlic, onions
The broad beans, garlic and onions all appear
to be doing well now the weeds have been removed!


dry cracked earth
Although the earth looks parched and cracked on the
surface you don’t have to dig too far to find the moisture.

You don’t see me very often so
thought I’d say a quick, ‘Hi’.

So this is where I'm at for now...still plenty to be getting on with and I have of course artfully missed out taking a photo of the weeds that are left in the soon to be brassica patch. I am hoping to get that sorted this coming weekend though...I am beginning to feel that I may see a light at the end of the tunnel for the planting..if not for the weeds. Here's praying for good weather!!

potatoes 'hilled' up.
I always mean to but have never got around
to ‘hilling’ up my potatoes…until now that
is. So this year as the tops die off I will still
know where to dig…Yay me!!

sweetcorn..second sowing
The second sowing of sweetcorn has germinated
well and will soon be ready to be planted out.

sweetcorn, butternut squash and brassicas.
Still waiting to be planted out…my loan butternut
squash…the only one to germinate this year.

Robin searching for bugs.
The Robin was very friendly and wasn’t at all nervous
flying near me to collect the latest worms I dug up.

Roots, legumes, tomatoes, squash and sweetcorn
Roots, legumes, tomatoes, squash and sweetcorn are planted
in this half of the allotment and looking quite tidy …for now.
cauliflower, cabbages, purple sprouting broccolli, calbrese, brussels, s
Several different brassicas…the brassica bed isn’t
empty’s still full of weeds!!

 Sorry for the haphazard photo placement again but I have been trying to sort this now for ages and it's getting very late so I totally apologise but this is as good as I could get it..curse this new blogger !!

But I guess I can put random text in the blank bits...and tell you that I have a wonderful Tuesday taster to share this week...enjoy what's left of your weekend!!


  1. This is the first year I'm not hilling up the potatoes! I planted the rows too close together.

    It's a great feeling to look out and see all the work you've accomplished. :)

    1. Well it will be interesting what differences if any we both see in our potatoes.

      I do love to sit back and admire my hard work!!

  2. You've done well to get so much done, this weather isn't being very kind to us gardeners at the moment. My brassica bed is full of weeds too but I need to clear the squash bed first, they're bursting out of their pots and waiting to be planted out.

    1. I think I had a week off at just the right time Jo...hope you get some decent weather for sorting out your weeds...I'm praying for nice weather at the weekend so maybe I can get a few of those brassicas in!!

  3. Never any light at the end of the tunnel containing weeds!

    1. Don't say hat...let me live in ignorant bliss until my next allotment visit....please!!

  4. I haven't been able to get our squash seeds to germinate this year. Two sowing have so far resulted in just one seedling which isn't growing.

    1. It's weird how different weather effects germination of different seeds. people at our allotments are having big problems with root veg this year...I think I will have to try sowing carrots again.

  5. Hey Tany! Looking good. I can tell you are pleased with your potato patch - and so is that robin.

    Really appreciate your comments - thanks.

    1. I am quite pleased with myself over the potato patch Mal..I had a big cheesey grin on my face after I had finished!!

      I will always be around to make comments...even if they are a little late.

  6. Oh my, Tanya. You have really been busy. The allotment looks good!

    Thanks for your comments on my 'Honey'-post.

    Yes, you qualify for my new special list for 'Honorary Swedes'. I have been thinking about all the people who are, for example, married to difficult Swedes, and other people who, for different reasons, deserve to be 'Honorary Swedes'.
    I'll let you know when that list is up on my side bar. Right now, I am still struggling with tax returns.

    Best wishes & hugs,

    I think Erik will be fine.

    1. Glad I make it on to the 'Honorary' list Anna.

      Hope you soon get those taxes sorted.

  7. You sure did get a lot done on your week off. Good for you. We have a very small garden planted this year and I'm hoping it does better than last years.

    1. I'm not sure it's a huge amount accomplished in a week...but I do feel a lot better for making a good dent in those weeds.

  8. Your grapevine is looking good; much bigger than mine!

    1. This is the second year they have been in...whether I will ever get grapes I don't know...but it's kind of fun to try!! There are actually 5 along the fence but two aren't quite as big.

  9. Willing to bet you'll see a yield improvement on your spuds with the hilling up, Tanya.

    1. I'm not convinced but will keep an open mind SM.

  10. congrats on your hard work!! wow...good for you...everything looks great!

    1. Thanks...the proof will be in the harvesting so I still have a while to wait yet!


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