Monday 13 February 2017

A little history whilst you walk!!

Well I was thinking about what I could post one day whilst out walking Polly and then I got majorly incensed about something so I figured I would share with you all...oh and give you a little background history whilst I'm at it!!

First enjoy the little sets the scene in your mind.

So the video above is of something we villagers affectionately call 'The Football Field'
It is literally a 3 minute walk from my house and a great was around when I was a child and when my Dad was young too. This field was actually donated to the parish council by another villager many years ago with clauses in the contracts to say that it can never be built on and has to always remain a space for the benefit of the village to enjoy...probably not n those words but you get the idea right?? When I was a child there was a bmx track on it and I remember taking my sturdy little polo bike round the track. It has always been used for sporting events and the local teams play cricket and football here and it has been used in the past by the scouts and also for village events.

It is also a great place to walk your dog, plenty of open space, plenty of different ways to enter, lots of good smells and wildlife about...what more could a dog owner want right??

So after that wonderful description you may be thinking to yourselves...'What's the problem??'...well I'll tell you...other dig owners...the irresponsible ones.....those that think they have every right to ignore their dogs squats and leave it all over. This is a child'splaying field too...why cant't they just clean up after their animals...after all if you decided to own a dog you take the good and the nasty bits with it. I wouldn't mind so much but as you walk around the field exercising your dog in a safe environment you come across;
Dog  Bins
But the parish haven't stopped also find;

Dog poo bags.

Both of these items have been put in place by the parish to have a lovely space that both children can play safely and people can exercise their pets they are filled/emptied regularly. Yet so many think they are above using them and just leave feces on the play areas and in the longer areas which ar4e left to go wild for the wildlife around and about. I am a dog owner and I am appalled at the lack of responsibility that many dog owners exhibit.

I know this won't get people picking up after their pets...but I just wanted to let those of you that aren't dog owners  know that not all dog owners are  this irresponsible and that it seriously ticks us off too!!

Okay so rant finish off a few happy pics of Polly in the field!!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have bags that I carry with me when I walk Gibbs and I see lots of others with them too. There is one guy who walks his dog every day and never cleans up after it. He lets it go in people's yards and then just walks off. I've been standing outside watching him and he'll still do that. It's very rude

  2. It always annoys me too that the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners spoil it for the rest causing dogs to be banned from places unnecessarily.

  3. Sadly it is all too common to judge all dog owners by the actions of an irresponsible few.
    p.s. I was relieved - I thought it was going to be a post about turning the field into housing!

  4. I agree completely about irresponsible dog owners. However it sadly is a trait that runs through society as a whole where there are a few inconsiderate people who seem to never consider others only themselves. A typical but small example, you give way to a fellow motorist as there is a car parked on your side of the road, how many give you a wave of acknowledgment? It isn’t much to ask but it makes you feel appreciated and not a lot of effort.

  5. I must first say that I don't pick up after my dog in my own yard. I leave all the doggy bombs as a warning to trespassers. But I would never be so sloppy outside my property. And the signs are all there to give everyone the hint.

  6. Its the same in my local park. As Sue says above, its a few irresponsible ones that ruin it for everyone. The Parish council can't do anymore there than has been done already by putting the bags and the bins. Its crazy. Yes I thought you were going to say it was going to be built on after all this time!!


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