Friday 24 March 2017

A surprise package!

So ...quite a few weeks ago now the doorbell rang. I went down the hallway and I could tell it was the post lady on the other side of the door due to colours but I was a little confused as I knew that I had ordered nothing. I then thought that my neighbour was possibly out so the post Lady had come here...we often take parcels in for each other.

So imagine my surprise when I answer the door and the package was for me!!

Live Plants
Now this was a package that I had ordered and paid for A LONG TIME AGO!! it wasn't late arriving, just sent when the time was right and I had totally forgotten about it!!

Speaks for itself!!
So that was bulbs had arrived...I couldn't even remember what varieties were going to be in the packet so quickly opened them to have a look.

So there you have it...a lovely selection for me to play with. I have a few bulbs in the garden but not many and I wanted a little more colour and life at the beginning of the year so this was why I ordered them.

Of course once I received them I immediately thought about where I was going to put them which got me thinking about the garden and what should be done in a whole new way.

I'll share with you next week what went on in the garden since then!!


  1. What a nice surprise not to mention a sure sign that spring is here

    1. It really was a great surprise...and spurred me into action it the garden!!

  2. What a lovely surprise, like winning a competition. Looking forward to seeing the garden xxx

    1. I do like was like a free gift it was so long ago since I purchased them!!

  3. Nice! I see a lot of digging in your future.


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