Thursday 9 June 2011

The Thursday Forecast......week 22.....9/06/11

Well it's time to report the weather and as is becoming the norm I am late again...the allotment is but a memory of watering this week and lots going on means as usual I didn't get sat down in time last night to put up the usual weather watch so a slight change to the title has occurred....I figure I can adapt the title to my time maybe?!?!?!

sunny skies
Thursday ......6pm.

So the weather has been pretty static this week. Temperatures have been average for this time of year between 16 and 20 degrees.

We have had some gusty winds...but only up to about 40mph so nothing to cause any damage.

We have had a few heavy short sharp showers but nothing to really wet the ground.....but I guess every little bit helps and there is still plenty of moisture below the surface so still I am not concerned about the unusually dry weather we have been getting.

So what's the weather like in your neck of the woods??

I am going to spend some serious time at the allotment this weekend so expect great posts from me...that is if I'm not too tired to sit at the computer and



  1. That is a really good picture. Your weather sounds much better than ours. We've had nothing but heat and more heat. Today is the first bit of relief from it that we've had.

  2. We had thunder and lightning and a couple of heavy downpours on Wednesday. I got drenched taking the dog for a walk as the first downpour took me by surprise.

  3. No moisture below ground for us - it's dry well down.

  4. Dear Tanya, The weather was very warm here. Last night there were heavy thunder storms which cooled things down. Today is beautiful. I hope to get gardening done this weekend. I hope to!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I look forward to them. Have a wonderful, blessed day. Catherine

  5. Hey better late than never right? Besides, when you're busy it's hard to get that blog post in. Blog pals are very forgiving :)
    Around here we've had very hot temperatures. Today is much cooler and we're expecting some rain for the weekend.

  6. From Monday to tonight our temps have ranged from 38 to 8 Celsius. But tomorrow should be nice for gardening!


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