Monday 3 October 2011

Allotments 2012!!

Yes I know we are still in 2011 and we have a few months yet but I have decided to be a little more organized this year after my seed catalouge came through my letterbox.

I went up the allotment at the weekend to take some manure up and did a few jobs but not much although I did pick another 10lb of tomatoes for sauce!!

Anyway the main reason I went up was to get all my seeds and I then went through to see which would be ok for next year.

Once that was done I wen thorough and wrote a list of all I want to grow next year and then put an order in for the seeds I don't have.

I didn't have to buy that many...and with getting them half price I am quite pleased with the amount I have.

This is the first year I have looked so early at the things I would like to grow and what I have and I'm hoping that this will save me time next year as I will be able to sow stuff when needed and not have to trail for hours finding what I want!!

I have also bought a few weird seeds to have a go at too.....full list to follow in a later post...and maybe some pics. too!!



  1. it sounds like you are very prepared for next year. Way to go.

  2. Wow! You really are ahead of the pack this year. Well done.

  3. We're being bombarded with catalogues too but generally we order in the new year - we like to have a good browse once the gardening slows down.

  4. I've done exactly the same thing, and I'm now just about ready to go next year. Looking forward to hearing about your weird seeds.

  5. I feel very organised this year...i just hope it pays off in the new season. As always there are things I will and won't repeat for different reasons but these will be explained in future posts so watch this space!!


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